Let’s Fire This Shit Up Again

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I’m going to fire this shit up again.  Stay tuned.


Or don’t.  Your choice, of course.

I Know Gordon Would Have Scored

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By Greg

It’s been nearly 2 months since the greatest sporting moment of my entire life ended.  Two months to contemplate what actually occurred, two months to try to balance regret and thanks.  Of course, I’m talking about the World Series loss in Game 7 the Kansas City Royals suffered at the hands of the San Francisco Giants.

After 29 years of futility, the Royals made the most of their first postseason entry since Ronald Reagan was not only alive but beginning his second term.  They won the wildest game of baseball I can ever remember in a Wild Card tilt with Oakland, swept the top-seeded Angels in the ALDS, then swept the second-seeded Orioles in the ALCS to arrive at the Fall Classic.

None of this post is really about many of the events that took place in those 14 games, from the Wild Card to Game 7 of the World Series.  Instead it is about the story behind the story that no one knows about yet.  A tale of faith, love, and baseball that has its roots dating as far back as 1989, but as recently as 2007.

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Spread ‘EM

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Spread em

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I’m taking every favorite to cover and overs this week.  Ran out of time for analysis.  Look out for that iowa osu game though.  I’d just stay away from it.

Spread ‘Em: Week 7

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Spread ‘Em, Week Six

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Oh boy what a week.  I will have my results posted sometime soon, but for now here’s this week’s picks.  Good luck!


Spread ‘Em Week Five

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I got hurt in the O/U this week.

I got hurt in the O/U this week.


Here's week four's results.  Ouch.

Here’s week four’s results. Ouch.


Week Five picks.  Click to enlarge.

Week Five picks. Click to enlarge.