Grandpa’s Long Lost Twin: The BCS

Welding rods, smart weed, no playoffs.  All things that hurt very much.

Welding rods, smart weed, no playoffs. All things that hurt very much.

I grew up on a farm in western Iowa.  We raised pigs from farrow to finish, cattle sometimes, corn, beans, hay, straw, and whatever else struck dad’s fancy.  We did a lot of our own repairs on things, and we had a really nice shop in the yard.  One day I wandered out to the shop to see what my grandpa was up to.  He was fixing on something and was using the welder.  This wasn’t a wire welder, it was an arc welder and used the rods that are about a foot long.  As he would weld along on his job, the rod would get smaller and smaller until it was only about three inches long, at which point he would drop that one and start a fresh rod.

I was a curious type, and as anyone who has seen welding in action knows that it fuses two people of metal together through intense heat.  My seven-year-old brain saw the hot metal he was welding, but saw that the rod remnant wasn’t glowing like the rest.  So I asked my grandpa if that piece was hot too.  He said “Touch it and find out.”  Of course, I touched it.

One time my Grandpa and I were out walking beans.  For those of you that don’t know what that means, walking beans is when a person goes for a stroll through the bean field, only instead of wearing an ascot and smoking a pipe, the person carries a machete (called a corn knife) and chops weeds while sweating and wishing their dad would have hired it done.

As we were walking along chopping weeds and generally hating life, I came across a weed I had never seen.  So my dumb self asked him, “Grandpa, whats this weed?”

He said, “It’s a smart weed.”

My feeble brain couldn’t figure that out, so I asked him several questions about why that was the name, like is it smarter than other weeds?  Why is it so intelligent? 

So grandpa says, “Touch it and find out.”

Boy, I sure am dumb. 

Then I had to listen to him howl with laughter about how it’s called smart weed because it “smarts”.

The BSC Championship is just like my grandpa, always making teams touch it to find out.  They don’t know if it’s hot or not.  They don’t know if it has some sort of poison that hurts.  They play and play and then in the end, it’s usually pointless because of the controversy surrounding the stupidest championship in sports.  They just get burned anyway. 

A lot of talking head on radio like to say “Win the games.”

Win the games is great.  Until today I agreed.  But it doesn’t solve any problems.  It creates them.  The problem is that too many teams win  the games.  Not enough lose.  And then, if they all lose, not enough win.  Having more teams win the games just creates more controversy.  Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s pretend the season shook out like this:
Alabama 12-0
USC 12-0
Florida 12-0
Penn State 12-0
Texas Tech, Oklahoma, or Texas 12-0
Boise State 12-0
Utah 12-0
Ball State 12-0

This season could have easily seen eight undefeated teams.  Five from a major conference.  There’s no way to tell who plays who then.  Granted, Florida or Alabama would drop off due to the conference title game, but the rest of the teams would have a claim to the trophy. 

There really isn’t a way to make a point here, but there are things we can take from this scenario. 

1. Under the current system, every one of these teams has a claim on the national title game.  More than likely, four of these teams will have a right to the actual title. The NCAA is the only major sports organization that has teams in the same division ranked higher or lower based solely on their conference. 

2. If a team goes through this guantlet undefeated, they should be rewarded with a title.

3. If there is ever a season with four or more major conference undefeated teams, it will be a mess.

4. The BSC is the dumbest thing ever. 

4.A The BCS is the dumbest thing ever.

I can’t stress this enough.  The BCS is the dumbest thing ever.  If you implement the theories and practice of the BSC into any other setting it would be laughable.  Try to work this BCS system at your job.  How many people would feel jilted and robbed?  How many people would go on a spree?  Yet every year we have the same arguments and the same unhappiness. 

The only way to change this system is for teams who really do care about it to do something they will never do, and that is refuse to play.  If college teams refused to play until there was a playoff, then the situation would rectify itself pretty quick.  This will never happen.  $ says it won’t happen.  But as much smoke as we get blown up the chute by the powers that be, I think they would make more money in a playoff system than the current BCS b.s. 

When someone knows you learn the hard way, why would they change their tactics.  It worked twice for grandpa.  He got a great kick out of me touching things that hurt.  But in the end, I finally wised up and when he wanted me to test the electric fence by grabbing a hold of it, I stood my ground and refused.  And while on some level I am sure he missed watching me hurt myself, the lesson was learned.  So I guess the moral is if people want a playoff in college football and want it bad enough, they need to hurt the NCAA where it will learn the lesson.

Right in the $$$$$



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