Back Yard Bowl Game

This is where the BSC should be solved.  In the streets, with snapping fingers.

This is where the BSC should be solved. In the streets, with snapping fingers.

 On some level I had decided I would not post about the BCS anymore, but then I was hit with a great idea today.  Or rather, what struck me as a great idea.  Generally when I think something is a good idea everyone else thinks its dumb, and since I have 20/20 hindsight, I tend to usually agree with them. 

Someone is going to get hosed in this year’s championship, and that’s all well and fine.  But wouldn’t it be great if these elite teams took it upon themselves to settle it once and for all?  For instance, let’s say that USC smokes Penn State (which will probably happen).  Then, let’s say Texas somehow loses to Ohio State.  Now we have a USC team who won by thirty (it is possible) and a Oklahoma/Florida team with one loss as well. 

In this scenario, USC is mad.  They are obviously the best team in the league and they want to prove it.  So they get on the horn with the boys in Florida and lay down the challenge.  Of course, Florida laughs and says, “Ha ha ha.  We are the champions and there ain’t gonna be no fight…er, game.”

So USC pulls out some Apollo Creed, starts hanging posters with funny pictures, calling the Gators the Garters and posting pictures of Tim Tebow in a wedding dress  and Mark Sanchez leaving her, or him rather, at the alter.  Eventually USC players give an interview that gets Florida to answer.  So what do they do?

The Unsanctioned Undisclosed Location Title Game.

This is the solution to all of the BCS problems.  Teams feel jilted?  Goad the “champions” into a game at the practice field of some small college in Kansas.  Feel like your team got the shaft?  Hire some high school refs to be the officials of your back alley bowl game. 

Of course, this would never work, because in real life, the twelve to thirteen guys from USC that are going to the NFL won’t jeopardize millions of dollars for a title that won’t even matter anyway.  Plus, if Rocky II taught us anything, and I like to think it has, it’s that Florida would win.

No more opinion articles on the BCS this year from me.  I’ll leave that to Bristol and Greg. – Max


~ by maxaverage on December 8, 2008.

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