Whant Wha – Another Sad Trombone Sound

This really looks like a wasteland.  Huh.

This really looks like a wasteland. Huh.

As a follow up to a previous post (Evicting Homelessness), the City of Des Moines finally destroyed the homeless shacks along the Des Moines River.

Good thing the City dropped the ball.  This is why I need to get a job as a consultant or adviser.

To tear these shacks down the City brought in heavy equipment and got the job done.  Sure, that’s one way of handling it.  Another way would have been to pay the homeless people minimum wage to tear down the shacks, and then allowed these folks to sell the materials.  Sure, this wouldn’t generate much money, but it would have been an additional way to help these people out.  Judging from footage on KCCI Newschannel 8’s six o’clock news, some of the windows and wood used to construct these shantys looked pretty nice.  I doubt it would allow any of these people to buy a real house, but certainly it would have been enough to get these people food for a few days, and maybe even some better clothing.  I agree with the City’s decision to tear these shelters down.  It would just be nice for once to see the most made out of an awkward and unfortunate situation.  Instead, the City of Des Moines missed a golden opportunity to take an unorthodox approach to a situation and actually get the best possible outcome.  – Max


~ by maxaverage on December 11, 2008.

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