Heisman Trophy to be named after Tim Tebow next year

Rashaan Salaam won one. So did Gino Toretta. But who's the leader for 2017?

Rashaan Salaam won one. So did Gino Toretta. But who's the leader for 2017?

The Most Over-hyped Award in Sports

With the Heisman Trophy award ceremony occurring tonight, I thought I would list the three things that bother me the most about the most over-hyped award in sports. The Heisman is the epitome of the over-saturation and ESPN-izing of college football and sports in general. I would have included more reasons the Heisman has become a joke, but other reasons that had excellent credentials were not invited into this post.

I. Heisman “rankings” before the season

I’m not sure who was first as making this an industry standard but I blame ESPN (as I do for many, many other things). Within seconds of tonight’s ceremony, “experts” all over will begin to talk about next year’s Heisman and who the leaders are. What a joke. Those lists are based on performance from this year and/or potential. The Heisman is a single-season award and potential and previous season accomplishments should be disregarded. The worst part is that players not a part of the preseason lists (see Shonn Greene, Iowa) will be fighting an uphill battle even though everyone should be on equal footing heading into a season. But, ESPN and others won’t let common sense and logic get in the way of talkers talking every second of every day.

II. Dismissing certain players as “system” players

This one bothers me more than the other two I have listed here. While it is true that every Texas Tech QB puts up ridiculous numbers, why should we always dismiss them simply because they play for Texas Tech? And why should we care whether or not other players from the same system panned out in the NFL? The NFL should have nothing to do with the Heisman. Doesn’t every QB play in a system? Tim Tebow runs the same system Alex Smith did at Utah. Since Smith had good numbers, maybe we should dismiss Tebow. Sam Bradford runs a system similar to the ones Jason White and Josh Heupel did at Oklahoma. Since those guys couldn’t make the NFL, maybe we shouldn’t vote for Bradford. Vince Young was really good at Texas, so maybe we shouldn’t be impressed by McCoy. Obviously, I don’t have a vote but I think I would base my vote on the entire season as a whole and try to evaluate who was the best player in all of college football. What a novel idea. I wouldn’t base it on how many times they were on ESPN, how many underprivileged babies they circumcised, or how bad they were at understanding tiebreak procedures.

III. Inviting only three players to the ceremony

Are economic times tough for the Heisman, too? Why only invite three players this year? Sorry, Graham Harrell, your numbers are ridiculous but since it is obviously because of the system, you can’t come to New York. Sorry, Shonn Greene, your story is a great one about perseverance and learning from mistakes, but your 1700 rushing yards aren’t good enough to make it as a finalist. I’ll read about the winner but I will not be watching the self-promotion and outrageous fawning that will take place on ESPN.

Side note: I hope Tebow goes to the NFL next year so that I never have to listen to Verne Lundquist talk about him again. I’m pretty sure Lundquist does Florida games with no pants on. Seriously Verne, try to be a little objective and a little realistic – a 7-yard pass on a slant route is not the greatest achievement in the history of mankind. I’m pretty sure Verne doesn’t need Viagra, he just watches Tebow highlights.

Meanwhile, in the poor, misguided divisions that actually stage playoffs:

– Northwest Missouri State just wrapped up their 4th consecutive Division II championship game loss. Ouch. But, hopefully there is a little perspective – 4 straight title game appearances by any team is amazing. You need to be good enough to qualify 4 years in a row and win 3 playoff games each season to get to the title game. Losses each time are disappointing and perhaps devastating to them, but we should give them some respect for their accomplishments.

– Richmond and Northern Iowa are currently playing in a Division I-AA semifinal. Being from Iowa, I like to see UNI to do well and have seen many games – and played one – in the UNI-Dome. Props to Richmond for the sweet spider logo on their helmets. The winner gets Montana in the I-AA championship game.

– In Division III, the NCAA version of the movie Groundhog Day, Mount Union and Wisconsin-Whitewater will play for the title for the 4th consecutive season. Mount Union won in 2005 and 2006, while UW-W won last year. This marks the 12th time in the last 16 seasons that Mount Union will play for the national championship. The Purple Raiders have won 9 of the previous 11 title games and are 54-7 in the playoffs since 1992. One more outrageous stat – since 1992, the only time Mount Union did not make it to the semifinals was 1994, when they lost in the quarterfinals. Regardless of division, that is an amazing 17-year run.

~ by Bristol on December 13, 2008.

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