ItB – December 14

Welcome to the first installment of ItB

ItB - December 14

Inside the Boxscores – December 14th

Not much to explore on this day as only four games were played. The Lakers upped their record to 20-3, rolling over the Timberwolves. Also, kudos to the Memphis Grizzlies for notching their first 4-game winning streak in three years.

Stat lines of the Night:


Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City: Although the Thunder lost again to drop to 2-23, it was not due to lack of effort on Durant’s part. The second-year standout scored 28 points and added 13 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 3 assists while committing just 1 turnover in 46:29 of playing time. On the season, Durant is averaging 23 points a game while shooting just over 46% from the field and almost 50% from 3-point range (up from 28.8% last year).


Jason Kapono, Toronto: “He’s a…Kapono” is basically in the league because of his shooting prowess. On this night, however, Kapono shot just 3-14 from the field, including 1-7 from 3-point range, scoring just 7 points in almost 36 minutes in the Raptor home loss to New Orleans.


Randy Foye, Minnesota: A tough night for Foye against the Lakers as he scored just 5 points in almost 33 minutes. Foye was 2-12 from the field, missing all 5 3-point attempts, and committed 4 turnovers in the loss to the Lakers.

Worth Mentioning:

Tim Duncan, San Antonio: Duncan put together a nice stat line of 20 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks in the Spurs win over Oklahoma City.

David West, New Orleans: West went 10-19 from the field and 9-9 from the line, posting 29 points and 9 rebounds for the Hornets.

Juan Calderon, Toronto: Calderon was perfect from the field in scoring 22 points, making all 8 field goals, including 5 3-pointers, and his only free throw.

O.J. Mayo, Memphis: Mayo scored 28 points for the Grizz, extending his career-opening streak of double figure scoring performances to 24.

James Posey, New Orleans: Posey put up a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds, while knocking down 6 3-pointers off the bench for New Orleans.

Best +/-:

Rudy Gay, Memphis: +23

Worst +/-:

Dwyane Wade, Miami: -21

(Note: +/- calculates the points scored and allowed by a team while a specific player is on the floor. While not a foolproof stat, it does give an idea of the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of a team while each player was in the game.)

Most Points:

Jeff Green, Oklahoma City: 33

Most Rebounds:

Joel Anthony & Shawn Marion, Miami; Al Jefferson, Minnesota; Durant: 13

Most Assists:

Chris Paul, New Orleans: 12 – We might as well name this the Chris Paul Award for most assists on a specific night. Either that or I should charge him rent.

Miscellaneous Stats:

Darko Milicic, Memphis: 5 blocks – Another effective night for Darko in Memphis’s easy win over the Heat.


Greg Buckner, Minnesota 5:25

(Note: A “trillion” is a stat I first read about in an issue of Sports Illustrated several years ago. The phrase was coined to describe the stat line of a player who got into a game but accumulated no stats. Trillion became a mocking name for the player’s outing because the boxscore showed minutes played, following by 12 stats that were all zeroes. A player with 3 minutes played and no other stats racked up a 3 trillion. The NBA now calculates playing time down to the second so a 3 million may be a “2:33 trillion” now. I will list the trillions in order from most time played to least. A trillion is something to be celebrated in a mocking manner – somehow a player managed to do nothing in his time on the floor; no shot attempts, no rebounds, no assists, no turnover, not even any fouls. You and I could easily tally a trillion in an NBA so we poke fun at those who get paid to turn in such an effort.)



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