Max’s Marketing On A Budget: Volume 2

Here's a good idea.  Try to make more money by using free tools to do it.

Here's a good idea. Try to make more money by using free tools to do it.

There is a great marketing tool at everyone’s disposal called MySpace.  MySpace is free to sign up, and you instantly have access to around 250 million people worldwide. 

A lot of people have come up with great ideas for using MySpace, but from personal experience, there are four things you can do to drive people to whatever it is you do, whether it be play in a band or sell tacos. 

1. When you add a friend, or if someone adds you, send them a personal message and take two minutes to check out their site.  Everyone likes to feel important.  If you take the extra minute or two to make a personal comment about that person’s interests, or whatever, they will form an instant connection with you.

2. If you are local, stay local.  If you are bigger, go bigger.  If you are a taco stand selling tacos in St. Paul, MN, there is no reason for you to go adding friends in Texas and California.  Keep your focus to the market you can access, and you will build a nice list of friends who may actually frequent your business.  If you are a band or a chain store, go regional.  Start with cities you actually have a vested interest in, then gradually expand the radius from which you add friends.  These type of websites should be looked at like an earthquake diagram.  At the epicenter the effects are total, and as you move outward the effects are gradually more spread out.  Picking cities and turning them into epicenters will help increase your hits because as the word gets out, it gets to more and more people.

3. Use the blog feature of any website that has it.  This gives you a chance to be funny, clever, insightful, to distribute coupons, and let people know what is going on.  If you treat it like a newsletter, people will come to expect timely updates about your business and take an interest in what is going on.

4. Take it seriously.  It’s all well and good to set up a MySpace, Facebook, or some other social networking site, but if you don’t check it regularly, and if you don’t take time to make a personal connection, then the time is wasted.  As with everything, a little elbow grease goes a long way.

There are also a lot of more in depth lessons on how to use these networking sites.  Several bookstores have materials on all aspects of MySpace, Facebook, and more.  If you are serious about making these sites a legitmate marketing tool I would encourage you to do a little research to help get you up to speed.


~ by maxaverage on December 23, 2008.

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