Max’s Marketing on a Budget: V 4

How do you get your free time to reflect the same line as this graph?  Follow these steps.

How do you get your free time to reflect the same line as this graph? Follow these steps.

Time management can be a real problem if it isn’t addressed.  The big problem for most people isn’t making the time to do the marketing, its wasting the time the do set aside on things that won’t make them money.  I’ve done cold sales jobs twice in my life and several warm sale jobs through my career.  The two cold sale jobs were door-to-door sales of coupon cards to local restaurants and amusement facilities and the other was Pre Paid Legal Sales.  I was really good at the door to door sales because I had a slave driver boss and all I did for fourteen hours a day was go door to door and sell products.  I stopped believing in the product, though, and then I just couldn’t do it any more.  The Pre Paid Legal Sales job I failed miserably at, yet I believed tremendously in the product.  In fact, I still use it today.  What was different between the two jobs?  Time management.

I would spend the day when I was trying to sell the legal insurance looking for new marketing tools and going over lists of people I was going to call, but didn’t spend the time actually talking to people about my product.  Without awareness, no one is going to pay any attention.  And it’s not their fault.  They can’t.  They don’t know it exists.  Time needs to be spent every day just getting the word out to new people about the products and services you offer.  Otherwise there will be no way to increase your contacts and potential sales.

So now that we have established that time management is key, how do you make the most of your time? 

I would say the number one way to make sure you make the most of your time is to come up with three plans.  The first plan should be called “What I’m going to do in the next six weeks to increase awareness”  The second list should be “What I’m going to do in the next six months to ensure I am making the most of my marketing dollars” and the third list should be “What I’m doing in the next eighteen months to make sure that I am maximizing my effort.”

So in practice it might look like this:

In the next six weeks I am going to tell 25 people a week about what I do and what I can do for them.
In the next six months I am going to take my business from selling such and such a week and increasing it to such and such a week by following my six week plan.
In the next eighteen months I am going to add another component to my marketing stratagy and new services because the marketing that I have implemented in the last year and a half has increased my business by such and such an amount.

Now, the reason this is important is it sets out what needs to be done, and will automatically manage your time for you.  If you know you have to tell 25 people a week, then you will make the time to do it.  But, if you are working on a tight budget, you need to make sure the benchmarks you set for yourself are completed.  Otherwise, you could just wasting your time.

~ by maxaverage on January 16, 2009.

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