TOP TEN–Movie Badasses

Who is the baddest?
Who is the baddest?

10.  Eric Qualen–Cliffhanger–John Lithgow.

“Kill a few people, they call you a murderer.  Kill a million, and you’re a conqueror.  Go figure.”

A great movie will a great bad guy.  He gets the nod due to this quote, along with “You want to kill me Tucker?  Well, take a number and get in line.”  Classic Stallone movie, but this shows the acting talent of Lithgow, who can go from sentimental hunter in Harry and the Hendersons to cool killer in Cliffhanger.

9.  Darth Maul–Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace–Ryan Park.

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.  At last we will have our revenge.”

Darth Maul doesn’t get too many lines in the resurrection of the Star Wars franchise, but he carries what could have been a crappy flick.  The only thing better than Darth Maul taking on two Jedi with his double-edged light saber would have been to skewer Ja Ja Binks.

8.  Harry Callahan–Dirty Harry–Clint Eastwood. 

“I know what you’re thinkin’.  Did he fire six shots or only five?  To tell you the truth in all of this excitement, I’ve lost track myself.  But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you have to ask yourself a question.  ‘Do I feel lucky?’  Well, do ya punk?”

The rare good guy, Clint Eastwood proves you can be on the right side of the law and still be a badass.  His penchant for getting into trouble with his superiors and getting his collar make him a classic character.

7.  Liberty Valance–The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance–Lee Marvin.

“Stand and deliver!”

There aren’t that many good quotes for Liberty Valance, but being that this is the greatest Western out there (in my opinion), that really doesn’t matter.  John Wayne?  Jimmy Stewart?  AND Lee Marvin?  It can’t get much better than this.

6.  The Jackal (not pictured)–Jackal–Bruce Willis.

“Ooh, that’s bad.  The blood’s almost black, that means the bullet’s in your liver.  You have about 20 minutes to live.  If the pain gets to be too much, you can take your hand away.  Then you’ll be dead in 5 minutes.”

Another actor who primarily plays guys in the white hat, Bruce Willis delivers a spine-chilling performance as the international terrorist for hire known as The Jackal.  He lights up Jack Black like a Christmas tree.  That has to be worth something.  I hear he’s in a band…both of them.

5.  Clubber Lang–Rocky III–Mr. T.

“Do you have any predictions for the fight?”  “Prediction?”  “Yes, prediciton.”  “Pain.”

I feared Clubber Lang as a 4 year old growing up.  He was so menacing, and how dare he beat Rocky and kill Mick?  A few quotes are enduring (like the above), but so would the brain damage if one of his hooks hit you upside the noggin’.

4.  The Terminator–Terminator–Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

“It can’t be bargained with.  It can’t be reasoned with.  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

The perfect part of Schwarzenegger, a nearly non-speaking role, just play a menacing, unstoppable killing machine hell bent on destroying Sarah Connor.  Still, this quote by Kyle Reese, the man sent back in time to protect Sarah, is great.  So good in fact, it is my brother Jeff’s slogan on his paintball gun tank.  Mine is the Lord of the Rings’ One Ring inscription. 

3.  Darth Vader–Star Wars–David Prowse and James Earl Jones.

“Apology accepted, Captain Needa.”

While it pains me to not have Darth Vader any higher, he has the consolation that he held the top spot until the last calendar year.  His dogged pursuit of Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back is fantastic, and throw in the light saber duels, choking people out over video conference call, and his turn back to good makes him a shoe-in for Top 5 consideration for good.

2.  The Joker–The Dark Knight–Heath Ledger.

“Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money.  They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.  Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

It’s truly unfortunate that we will never get to experience Heath Ledger’s performances again, but he went out with a terrific effort in the newest Batman flick.  It is a true pleasure when he is on the screen, and pure terror for everyone else.

1.  Anton Chigurh–No Country For Old Men–Javier Bardem.

“Who are you?”  “Me?”  “Yes.”  “Nobody, accounting.”  “He gave the Mexicans a receiver.”  “He feels, he felt…that more people looking…”  “That’s foolish.  You pick the one right tool.”  “I see.  Are you going to shoot me?”  “That depends.  Do you see me?”

This  guy is the stuff nightmares are made of.  In fact, I had one about his dude just last week.  Completely unrelenting and completely terrifying, Chigurh’s character is the epitome of badass.  And he gets away with everything too, leaving nobody alive in his wake.

~Also receiving votes:  Devil, End of Days, Gabriel Byrne.



~ by goetgre on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “TOP TEN–Movie Badasses”

  1. honorable mention: Biff Tannen (Back to the future), Sauron (LOTR), and Col. William Tavington (The Patriot)


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