Movie Review: Observe and Report

Presenting....youre Everyman.'re Everyman.

Great dark comedies have one thing in common – not everyone get’s the joke.  Observe and Report manages to include more people than usual.  There are enough dark moments for those with the crudest sense of humor, and enough light-hearted moments for the lighter of heart.

Observe and Report is a very polarizing film.  There are a lot of touchy subjects that are vaguely touched on, including racism, date rape, chemical dependence, violence, sexual harassment and more.  However, director Jody Hill manages to skirt these issues with just the right amount of humor to keep anyone from really having to think.

The beauty of this movie isn’t in the dark humor or the crude behavior of the characters.  The beauty is that Seth Rogan plays more than a mall cop.  More and more, he is the image of the Everyman.  As doctors fuel more and more people with drugs to combat disorders that may or may not be affecting them, more and more people will be like Rogan’s Ronnie – a power tripping mall cop complete with a misguided sense of importance and a lack of self awareness.  And not that Ronnie isn’t aware of his surroundings, but of his own place in the world.  He is so bent on catching perverts and thieves and he ends up botching more than solving.

After a watch, everyone will think of their Ronnie, the one guy they know who means well but always ends up looking like an asshole.

More important than this, however, is that every guy has a little Ronnie in him.  Sometimes you just hope you run into the hottest chick you know after she has had a few beers.  Sometimes you need to see your best friend for what he is so you can see yourself a little better.  And sometimes, you just need to shoot something.

Rogan has a shown a tendency to play loser makes good roles, without really making good.  That’s a lot like real life.  Hopefully, we all try to be better than Ronnie, but one thing is for sure, we could all be a lot worse.

~ by maxaverage on April 18, 2009.

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