Fun With Math–Volume 3

March Madness Edition

When $100,000,000 is not enough

 The nearly $3.5 trillion federal budget that is due to haunt our nation for years to come had been place under “scrutiny” by our infallable leader, President Barack Obama.  He has asked his department heads to come up with $100 million in cuts, saving the American taxpayer (how that phrase is worn out at this point) a great deal of money that all can appreciate.

The problem with this move is that it is 100% symbolic.  $100 million in Washington isn’t real money when the 600 pound gorilla in the corner has a $3.5 trillion price tag pinned to his collar.  By the numbers, this great cut that Obama is looking for is a paltry 0.0029% of the original budget proposed:

$100,000,000 / $3,500,000,000,000 =  1/35000 or .000029

As with the prior Fun With Math experience dealing with the March Madness brackets, let’s give this number some scale.  Say that you are fortunate in life and make $100,000 in your household in a given year.  Let’s also say that you have allocated your resources at 100%, which is under what the federal government likes to operate on, as they love to run up deficits, but let’s go with it.

Now your wife comes along and asks you to trim some of the budget to save money.  If you are a cool-handed popular cat like Obama, you make a similar moven (slash 0.0029%) by cutting out $2.90 from the yearly budget.  $2.90 barely buys you ONE LOAF OF BREAD these days!!!  And this isn’t just cutting this out every day, every week, or every month, it is only cutting it out one time annually!!!

If you are in the median household income level across the nation, that being $50,233 in 2007 according the U.S. Census Bureau, you would be cutting out $1.46 on a per annum basis.  That is basically the going rate of a 20 ounce Pepsi at the local convenience store.  But make sure you only do it once!

Now, Republicans as well as Democrats are to blame for this atrocious state of the economy that we all find ourselves in.  But, as a conservative, I find it infuriating that Obama can pass this miniscule cut off to the general public as a good thing.  Let’s cut out BILLIONS, not MILLIONS, and see what kind of savings we’ll experience then. 

Instead, what’s the point?  When your ship is going down, why bail the water out with a thimble?


~ by goetgre on April 21, 2009.

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