Sports Chains-Volume 1.1

Try your hand at the game of irrelevant sports information.

Try your hand at the game of irrelevant sports information.



A ‘link’ is a sports player’s name.

A ‘connection’ is the bond between links.

A ‘chain’ is an alternating string of links and connections.


A chain can be made using a player’s first name*, a player’s last name*, the franchise they play for, the college they played for, the city they played in, or the number they wore (optional).  Olympic and All-Star teams do not count, nor do positions like quarterback or shortstop.

*Names that are pronounced the same can be used as connections, as can common short names.  Mike = Michael = Mychal, and Bird = Byrd.  Johnston = Johnson as well.

No real-life tie needs to exist between links in the chain.  This is not a degree of separation game.

Michael JordanPossible connections:  Michael— Jordan —Bulls—Wizards—North Carolina Tar Heels— Chicago —23

An example from each of Michael Jordan’s Sports Connections listed above:

Michael Vick

Ricky Jordan

Bill Wennington

Gilbert Arenas

Julius Peppers

Carlton Fisk

LeBron James

The game continues with the next link, using the same criteria above.

Single Player Game

A starting and ending link are given.  The starting link needs to connect with another given number of links to end on the final link.  The first and last links always count in the total.  A stipulation may also exist, directing a player through a certain player, city, franchise, or college.  There is no one right answer and creative links are encouraged.

Example:  Connect Larry Bird to Mark McGwire in 7 links by going through New Orleans , stating the reason for linking.

  1. Larry Bird
  2. Paul Pierce—Celtics
  3. Antonio Pierce—Pierce’s
  4. Antonio Davis—Antonio’s
  5. Baron Davis— Davis’s (in New Orleans )
  6. Stephen Jackson—Warriors
  7. Mark McGwire— Oakland

In this example, Baron Davis brought the connection to Oakland , a city played in by Mark McGwire.  But since his link was one short, another Oakland athlete was needed to make the connection.

Alternate Single Player Game

A partially completed chain can be filled in to play the game as well.  If all connections are present, name the links to win.  If all links are listed, use connections to complete the game.  Or a mix-and-match of connections and links may present a challenge.

Example:  Fill in the missing connections/links in the chain below.

  1. Bo Jackson
  2. Charles Barkley—
  3. –Suns
  4. —Johnsons
  5. Adrian Peterson—Vikings
  6. Stacey King–
  7. –Stacey’s
  8. Larry Johnson
  9. –Knicks
  10. Warrick Dunn–

Possible answer:  Auburn —Kevin Johnson—Brad Johnson—Vikings— Oklahoma —Stacy Augmon—UNLV—Charlie Ward— Florida State .

Multiplayer Game:

Drop some names!  Start with a link and keep building your chain and try to stump your friends.  While there is no score to keep, using dubes or other obscure players to dig your way out of a tough jam in Milwaukee or with the Seahawks could earn big-time sports cred with your buddies.

Connections don’t need to be stated when building the chain, only justification when asked.

SPORTS CHAINS is the perfect game to play before a wedding, family gathering, commencement ceremony, or any time boredom could be done away with.

~ by goetgre on May 4, 2009.

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