The Joy Of Your World Is Wisconsin

This guy can spit!

MC Pail Barman is an unassuming white dude who has guested on a few EPs, and put out some of his own.  The story I always heard was that he dropped out of Brown to rap.  So when you put him up against the rest of the rap world, you might think that this white kid is out of place and can’t spit with the likes of today’s superstar rappers.  But then you give him a mic, and let me tell you:  This boy can spit.  His beats are always fresh and tight.  His rhymes are so original and clever, but not overly complicated.  Basically, he is an underground hero in the rap game.  That’s a lot like this year’s Wisconsin team.

The Badgers came into this season with high expectations.  What team doesn’t?  However, the unique thing about this year’s team is they have the skill players and brute force upfront on both sides of the ball to deliver.  They have senior leadership out of sophomores and juniors. And they have delivered, beating the snot out of every team they have played, including an embarrassing ass raping of Big Ten virgin Nebraska. 

In the game last Saturday, I think it is safe to say Wisconsin was going to win no matter what.  They were and are superior every way.  It was just a matter of time beforeWisconsin’s front-beef put enough pressure on and drained Nebraska into submission.  I also think it is safe to say the lopsided score is all on Nebraska.  What makes Wisconsin so dangerous is every time Nebraska made a mistake, they turned those mistakes into points.  So we saw that, not only are they brutes who can push you around at will, they are also efficient and do not waste opportunities.  I mean, it helps when you have someone tossing INTs all day.  My friend Phil put it best when he said watching Taylor Martinez is like watching a game of five hundred.  He isn’t changing the play at the line; he’s calling out the next throw’s points. 

So we are five weeks in.  We have a powerhouse from each big conference undefeated, and two from the SEC.  There is a real possibility we will have four undefeated teams at the end of the season:Wisconsin,Oklahoma, LSU/Alabama, and Stanford.  So how the hell do we pick a winner this year?  How can we possibly say that LSU/Alabama is the national champion if one of the other four is undefeated?  How do you even put Wisconsin or Stanford in the title game?  How do you not put either of them in the title game?  Stanford doesn’t play anyone except Oregon. Wisconsin’s toughest game is Michigan State, and their defense will turn Kirk Cousins into a French Silk pie. Oklahoma has a pretty solid schedule left, and they have the win against darling Florida State.  LSU and Alabama both have some tough contests, including the chance to beat up on each other.  But, in the current system, I finally figured out what it means. 

Until they change the format, we as fans just have to live in the clichés, and enjoy the ride.  The destination isn’t important, because if Boise State runs the table, you basically have a three-way tie for the National Championship.  And that will never be settled.  I always wanted to see the players take it personally and challenge the other undefeated teams to a back alley game, but it will never happen.  Not with NFL contracts and commercials and getting paid in the cards for half of these top teams’ players.  No, the end result is all bullshit, and college football is all about the ride.  So for this season, the joy of my world will be watching the Badgers beat the shit out of everyone, and keep my fingers crossed that my Hawks can run the table and somehow eek one out in the first-ever Big Ten Championship.  Then I can be pissed at Iowa State all winter.


~ by maxaverage on October 3, 2011.

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