Spread ‘Em Volume 2


I XO me some football

I was 4-3 last week against the spread and 9-1 in my confidence pick ’em.  I think we learned last week that you can/should take the favorite against ISU no matter what the spread.  We also learned when Iowa’s offense gets a rhythm they can put up some serious points.  Michigan isn’t quite as good as we thought, but I don’t think Michigan State is as good as they looked Saturday.  Ohio State is a team who will be great again soon.  Let’s see what we can learn this week…

Open 6
Current 7
Missouri put up a lot of points on ISU last week, so I could see a shift to take Missouri and the points, but that would be a mistake, because Oklahoma State would/will score a billion points on Iowa State.  I have to avert my eyes just thinking about that one.  It will replace the whale in my nightmares.  Yikes.  Take Oklahoma State on this one, and watch them roll.  I’m also going to say the over/under for this game should be around 68.  I’d take the over.  54 – 38 final score.

Indiana at IOWA
Open – 22
Current -23
Iowa’s spreads have been all over the place lately.  I don’t know if I have enough confidence to think that Iowa can outscore anyone by three touchdowns.  I’m taking the Indiana with the points, and then I’ll just live my losses when Iowa covers, and be happy we didn’t lose. My Over/Under is 58 and I’m taking the under.  Final score 38-20.

 ILLINOIS at Purdue
Open 5.5
Current 5.5
So, last week Ohio State was a 4 point dog going into Illinois and this week Illinois is only a 5.5 point favorite visiting lowly Purdue.  Illinois to cover. My personal Over/Under for this game is 49.  I’d take the under.  Final score 31-13.

TEXAS A&M at Iowa State
Open 17.5
Current 20
Well, I guess we know where this is headed from my garbage above.  Take Texas A&M to cover, and watch ISU collapse and make dumb mistakes.  On the off-chance you think ISU is going to somehow start to limit the times they gift wrap the ball to the other team, than maybe you should take ISU and the points.  I learned my lesson three weeks ago.  They aren’t good, and A&M will push them around.  It could get ugly.  My Over/Under for this game is 72 and I would take the over, with the score probably around the 54 to 24.

NEBRASKA at Minnesota
Open 25
Current 24.5
Nebraska will win this game.  Will they cover is a different question.  Will we see the Nebraska from the first quarter of the Wisconsin game and the fourth quarter of the Ohio State game?  If we do, it’ll be lights out.  Or will we see the Nebraska that plays 500 while they turn the ball over in creative and exciting ways?  Will losing their best defensive player possibly forever help or hurt morale?  I’m taking Nebraska to cover, and keeping my fingers crossed that the team they thought they could be shows up.  Over/Under of 63, and I would take the under. I could see this getting out of hand, somewhere around the 54 to 7, 52 to 13 range.  I would still take the under.

Auburn at LSU
Open – 22
Current – 23
If LSU is the Floyd Mayweather of the SEC (calculated, cold, machine-like), then Auburn has to be the Mike Tyson, right?  You never know what you are going to get with them.  They might come out and play great and hang close, or they might lay a big old egg.  And they might be up and down the whole game.  I sort of feel like there is always a chance with Auburn to either knock a guy out in the first quarter or bite off someone’s ear.  So I’m taking Auburn with the points, because I don’t think LSU will lose, but three scores is a lot to give Auburn, even on the road to a hostile environment.  Over/Under at 73.  Taking the under. Final score about 40 – 33.

Open – 7.5
Current – 8
Notre Dame screwed me a couple of times earlier this year and I about gave up on them, but lately they have been playing up to the potential that I think everyone expected.  I’m inclined to take Notre Dame in this one but if they cover, it will be on a late field goal or TAINT.  I would put this Over/Under at 56 and take the under.  Final score somewhere around 33-21.

WISCONSIN at Michigan State
Open 7.5
Current 7.5
I’m taking Wisconsin all the way in this one.  I think this is probably the safest bet of the year.  However, I think this will be the hardest test for an excellent Wisconsin team this season.  If Michigan State can somehow slow down the offense of the Badgers you might see a tighter game, but I fully expect Wisconsin to win by upwards of 17.  My Over/Under for this game is 52.  I’m taking the over.  I think the score will be something like 45-20, Badgers.

Well, good luck to everyone (me included).  Remember, gamble responsibly, and by that, I mean you have a responsibility to gamble!  Who needs college tuition, anyway?  Not your kids!  They can earn it the hard way…by gambling!


~ by maxaverage on October 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Spread ‘Em Volume 2”

  1. Okie State, Indiana, Illinois, ISU, Nebraska, Auburn, USC, Wisco.

    Feel kind of dumb giving ISU the points, but they might just hang in there for 20 points.


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    Really? I can’t imagine that result. You have completely stunned me, and I’m not that easily stunned….


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