Spread ‘Em Volume 3


I XO Me some football

Wow.  Last weekend was a bloodbath for obvious favorites.  I’m not even a Wisconsin fan, but having them get beat by Michigan State just took the wind out of my sails.  I was so sure.  Now, who knows?  We know this: We know nothing.  Enough people could get punched in the face this year that you will see a one-loss team in the title game.  Especially if LSU and Alabama both lose a game this year. So far this year I am 6-9 currently against the spread.  Those ain’t good odds right now, so it’s a good thing we are playing with Monopoly money this year.  I went 7-3 in my confidence pool (just picking winners).  Here’s this week’s picks.  As always good luck!  We all need it!

Michigan State at NEBRASKA
Open -6
Current -4
Well, I guess right out of the box we’ll hit some games that are just tough.  Nebraska has done really well against garbage defense this year.  Not so much against good ones.  It’s only Monday, and already the line has moved two points.  That means Michigan State is getting a lot of action.  It’s a noon game in Lincoln, and Nebraska has played well at home, well, forever.  My heart wants to take Nebraska.  My brain said take Michigan State.  I think this game will come down to whoever plays the worst offense.  I think this will be Michigan State.  I’m taking Nebraska to cover.  Over/Under of 54.  Taking the under.
Missouri at TEXAS A&M
Open -11
Current -12
A&M didn’t cover last week, which was a huge bummer.  Missouri has a much better team than ISU, but ISU also continues to shoot themselves in the foot.  I’m taking Texas A&M for this very reason – ISU isn’t as bad as the scores indicate, and I think Missouri is more on ISU’s level than Texas A&M.  But, I think Vegas is looking at how A&M didn’t cover last week.  A&M will cover.  Over/Under at 45.  Taking the over.
IOWA at Minnesota
Open 17.5
Current 16
Iowa put up serious points against awful Indiana.  The defense couldn’t get it going out of the gate, but they turned it around and put together a nice win.  They will do that again this week on the road, and cover easily against Minnesota.  (If Minnesota upsets them again this year, I’m done.)  Over/Under at 68, take the under.
OKLAHOMA at Kansas State
Open 13.5
Current 13.5
So Texas Tech punches Oklahoma in the face and then Vegas lays 13.5 to Kansas State at home?  I’m totally taking K State and the points in this one.  I sorta felt Oklahoma is a paper champion anyway.   I think this scrappy K State team is destined for good things this year.  Over/Under at 63.  Taking under.
Iowa State at TEXAS TECH
Open – 17
Current -15.5
ISU had a decent showing against a great A&M team last week.  I’m taking ISU and the points.  I think ISU is destined to break out of their slump, and since I put them on notice last week and they delivered, I’m inclined to believe that Tech is getting more love because they just knocked off Oklahoma rather than believing they are actually good.  Over/Under at 42, taking the over.
CLEMSON at Georgia Tech
Open 4.5
Current 4.5
I’ve been all over Clemson this season, and they have delivered every time.  This time will be no different, especially after Georgia Tech’s dissapointing display against Miami.  Over/Under at 38, taking the over, with Clemson to cover.
Open 8.5
Current 7.5
USC’s strong display in prime time against Notre Dame was a step in the right direction for the embattled program, but this week they will take a step backwards as Stanford rolls, easily covering.  Over/Under at 52.  Taking the under.
WISCONSIN at Ohio State
Open 9
Current 7.5
I don’t think a miricle loss against an average Michigan State team is a reason to panic on Wisconsin’s stock.  I’m taking Wisconsin to cover.  I like an Over/Under of 55, and I would take the Under.
Well, good luck, gambling elite!  I hope you all do better than I am. 

~ by maxaverage on October 24, 2011.

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