Does Tony L. Deserve A Base On Balls?


A gentleman and a scholar.

Tony LaRussa either may have or may have not made a big mistake the other day when the Cardinals dropped game five to the Texas Rangers.  For those who didn’t hear the story, Tony made a call to the bullpen to get a reliever up and throwing and then asked to have another guy play catch.  Apparently over the crowd noise the pen man didn’t hear the second guy’s name, then eventually got the wrong guy up.  This forced LaRussa to leave a pitcher in the game who he did not plan to leave in, and that pitcher (Marc Rzepczynski) gave up the go-ahead run to Mike Napoli.

What has followed is ridiculous.  Sports talk radio jocks and writers are all up in arms, asking questions like “Is LaRussa too old?”, and “Can he handle the pressures of managing in the big leagues?”  This is all horse apples.

I personally can’t stand the St. Louis Cardinals and Tony LaRussa.  But one of the reasons I despise them is because they are constantly finding a way to win.  I’m somewhat of a Phillies fan because I really liked watching them back when Crooked Lenny Dykstra and John Kruk and Wild Thing were playing.  So having the Cards eliminate my pick for the title didn’t help.  But after awhile, seeing how the small market Cardinals continually get to the World Series while bigger market teams struggle (especially this year, when they needed a miracle on top of amazing play down the stretch to just make the playoffs) it’s impossible not to show respect and begrudging admiration for a team and their coach, who no matter what, always play hard and make, up to this point, stellar decisions.

I think it’s time for everyone to pull in the reigns on the “Let’s send Tony to the funny farm” horse and give it it’s head for the at least a couple more games.  If we’ve learned anything from the Cardinals this year, it’s that having their backs against the wall is what stokes their fire.  And, I think we can all agree, baseball would be much more fun to watch if instead of ball caps they wore top hats.


~ by maxaverage on October 27, 2011.

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