Spread ‘Em Vol. 4


I'm starting to hate me some football

Well, week three of me picking winners was another blood bath, but let’s see how I did against the spread (:

Michigan State -4 at Nebraska (Took Nebraska to cover) WIN
Over/Under of 54 (Took under) WIN
Nebraska 24
Michigan State 3

Missouri -12 at Texas A&M (Took A&M) LOSE
Over/Under of 45 (Took over) WIN
Missouri 38
Texas A&M 31

Iowa +16 at Minnesota (Took Iowa) LOSE
Over/Under of 68 (Took Under) WIN
Iowa 21
Minnesota 22

Oklahoma -13.5 at Kansas State (Took K State) LOSE
Over/Under of 63 (Took Under) LOSE
Oklahoma 58
Kansas State 17

Iowa State -15.5 at Texas Tech (Took ISU) WIN
Over/Under of 42 (Took Over) WIN
Iowa State 41
Texas Tech 7

Clemson +4.5 at Georgia Tech (Took Clemsen) LOSE
Over/Under of 52 (Took Under) WIN
Clemson 17
Georgia Tech 31

Wisconsin +7.5 at Ohio State (Took Wisconsin) LOSE
Over/Under of 55 (Took Under) LOSE
Wisconsin 29
Ohio State 33

Over all this week I was 2-5 against the spread and 5-2 with my Over/Under challenge.  Another tough week for favorites.  Over all this year I am now 8-14 against the spread (36%) and I am 11-4 picking Over/Unders (78%) and in my confidence pool I was 3-7 this week (worst ever) and 63-27 overall (70%).

Here’s my picks for this week, week 10 of the college football season. I did a couple extra games this week as there is quite a few that are interesting.

Kansas State at OKLAHOMA STATE
Open -20.5
Current -21
Kansas State sure has me fooled.  Last week I expected them to not only ruin Oklahoma’s cover, but to win outright.  Boy was that a critical error.  I still think Oklahoma State is the best team in the Big 12, and I think they will cover at home, although not as easily as Oklahoma did.  I’m giving an o/u of 72, and I’m taking the under, with a score somewhere around OK State 52, KSU 17.

Open -14.5
Current -13.5
A&M is another team I cannot seem to peg.  Every time I pick them to cover they fail, and when I pick someone else to cover they fail me.  This is a pretty low spread and it’s at Oklahoma.  I’m going to say that because A&M has a few injuries on the defensive side, Oklahoma will cover.  O/U of 48, taking the over with a score around 31-24.

Texas Tech at TEXAS
Open -9
Current -11.5
If Texas Tech got aborted by ISU at home, and now they have to travel to Texas and get re-beat up, and the spread is only 11.5, then Texas is sure to cover that spread and win handily with a score somewhere around 45-24 and that will come in over the point total of 63.

Open 4
Current 4
I am curious how you can have 260 yards rushing and still lose a game?  Iowa is awful at playing to the level of their competition, which is why they see more close games than any other team in the league.  Michigan is favored traveling to Kinnick Stadium.  If Iowa can’t contain Dennard Robinson (and I have no faith they can) then this will be an easy cover for Michigan.  However, I know that in the recent past, at least, Kirk Ferentz coached teams have rebounded from losses, so against my better judgement, I’m going to take Iowa in the upset at home, and I think the score will be about 38-34.  That’s well over my o/u of 52.

Kansas at IOWA STATE
Open -13
Current -14.5
Could Iowa State be the best worst team out there?  Someone on the radio proposed that if ISU and Iowa changed schedules, Iowa would not win a game in the Big 12.  That goes against the IPTTLOIC theory (Iowa Plays To The Level Of It’s Competition Theory).  That being said, ISU is better and has been better and I know they are better than their record indicated.  Every blowout has been ISU gift wrapping fumbles and INTs and TAINTs.  Last week they played the first good game of the year.  It just took them 8 weeks to put it together.  Going up against another cupcake this week should produce a similar outcome.  I’m taking ISU to cover at home with a score of 41-24.  That’s just under my o/u prediction of 67.

Northwestern at NEBRASKA
Open -18
Current -17.5
Nebraska likes to cover at home.  If they would have played the way they are playing now against Wisconsin they would be undefeated and vying for the national title.  Nebraska covers 38 to 21.  O/U at 55, taking the over.

Missouri at BAYLOR
Open -1
Current -2
Boy, this is a big battle of who the hell cares?  I don’t even know where to start with these teams.  Missouri seemed weak and uninspired early in the season but has come on as of late, and Baylor seemed like they had the best team in Waco in a long time and now they look like the tattered remains of the Branch Davidian compound.  What, too soon?  Well, it’s too soon after their shellacking at the hands of Oklahoma State, and I am picking Missouri in the upset with a score of 28-24.  This is over my o/u of 43.

South Carolina at ARKANSAS
Open -6
Current -4.5
Arkansas had a scare against Vanderbilt this last week, but it says more that they crawled back and won.  South Carolina is a great team.  This should be a fist fight and I fully expect someone to get beat up.  I think this will be a high scoring affair, and I think the Game Cocks will pull it out in the end with a late field goal.  I’m going to say South Carolina, 42-40. This is over my o/u of 72.

Open -4
Current -4.5
This year’s national championship takes place November 5th.  This is a game of two butchers.  They have both carved up opponents, and, in one of the strangest things I’ve seen in a long time, both teams have a bye coming into this showdown, which means they both have time study the other’s mistakes and also cover up some of their own, which are few and far between.  The Crimson Tide win this one with a last second touchdown, 21-20.  This means you take LSU and the points and you also bet the under, with my o/u at 58.

Well, that’s it folks.  As always, good luck frittering away your kids’ college tuition!  I hope they are good at football!




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  1. OSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Kansas, Northwestern, Missouri, Arkansas, LSU.


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