Suck For Luck 1.0

Teams, this is your prize.


In this first edition of the Suck For Luck sweepstakes, we take a look at the teams poised to secure the #1 overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, and either select star QB Andrew Luck from Stanford, or trade the rights to the pick for a king’s ransom.  Without much adieu, let’s have a look at the contestants through Week 8 of the NFL season.


Indianapolis Colts

Record:  0-8

Remaining Schedule:  ATL, JAX, BYE, CAR, @ NE, @ BAL, TEN, HOU, @ JAX

WTFH? (What the F*ck Happened?):  Peyton Manning’s neck surgeries have contributed mightily to the woes the Colts are experiencing this year, but also a shoddy defense have caused them to be even worse.

Outlook:  With the schedule remaining, I see them possibly winning 4.  Possibly being the key word.  Jacksonville is about equally terrible and these squads split home-and-homes yet.  They have a chance to win both of those, plus home games against Carolina and Tennessee.

AWTFOP (And with the first overall pick):  Indianapolis trades this pick down the line for 2 first rounders, a second, and a 2 thirds.

Miami Dolphins

Record:  0-7

Remaining Schedule:  @ KC, WAS, BUF, @ DAL, OAK, PHI, @ BUF, @ NE, NYJ

WTFH?:  Lame duck head coach Tony Sparano is hoping to get hit soon.  The lack of a quarterback, the lack of a consistent running game (Reggie Bush is not an every-down back and Daniel Thomas is hurt all the time), submarine an okay defense.

Outlook:  A tougher schedule when compared with Indy, the Dolphins may squeak out wins against the Redskins and Raiders at home, who each have QB woes right now.  The Raiders can run the ball with the best of them though.  Matt Moore is not the QB you want to win games, but may be the ideal signal caller to Suck For Luck.

AWTFOP:  The Miami Dolphins select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.


Arizona Cardinals

Record:  1-6

Remaining Schedule:  STL, @ PHI, @ SF, @ STL, DAL, SF, CLE, @ CIN, SEA

WTFH?:  Kevin Kolb is not as good as Arizona was hoping when they traded big to the Eagles to get him.  Nothing on this team is very good, other than Larry Fitzgerald.

Outlook:  They do play in the worst division in football, so it is always possible they could pick up additional wins.  However, they must play division-leading San Francisco twice yet.  They may split with the Rams and could beat the Browns at home, as well as the Seahawks, so 4 wins isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

AWTFOP:  The Arizona Cardinals select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

St. Louis Rams

Record:  1-6

Remaining Schedule:  @ ARI, @ CLE, SEA, ARI, @ SF, @ SEA, CIN, @ PIT, SF

WTFH?:  A large regression from 2010’s near-playoff team, the Rams have had to weather the loss of services from Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford at times this season, not to mention a poor defense.  Growing pains were bound to happen from such a young bunch of players, but a big win at home against the Saints might propel them to a few wins.

Outlook:  As mentioned with Arizona, the two teams in this bracket square off against each other twice yet, as well as face the 49ers two more times.  The Cardinals do have Seattle twice more as well.  They may be able to conjure up 4 more wins on that schedule, finishing 5-11 at the very best.

AWTFOP:  The St. Louis Rams trade the pick to Miami for 2 firsts, a second, a third, and 2 fifths.


Minnesota Vikings

Record:  2-6

Remaining Schedule:  BYE, @ GB, OAK, @ ATL, DEN, @ DET, NO, @ WAS, CHI

WTFH?:  The fallout after Brett Favre finally retired has been interesting, considering Minnesota has a nice running game and a semi-capable defense.  Christian Ponder has supplanted Donovan McNabb at quarterback.

Outlook:  Ponder is a rookie, and was highly questionable as a first half of Round 1 pick last spring.  His ability to guide Minnesota to more than 3 more wins is also highly questionable.  Depending on what team shows up, they might be able to defeat Oakland and Denver at home, plus pull one off in Washington.

AWTFOP:  The Minnesota Vikings select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.  A trade has also been announced moving Christian Ponder for a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick this year, and a 3rd round pick next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record:  2-6

Remaining Schedule:  @ IND, @ CLE, HOU, SD, TB, @ ATL, @ TEN, IND

WTFH?:  Blaine Gabbert happened.  There was going to be a rocky road ahead of Jacksonville when then released starter David Garrard prior to the season starting.

Outlook:  The Jags have some winnable games coming up, as they get the tougher teams not named the Falcons at home.  I could see them picking up wins against the Colts, Titans, and one of Houston, San Diego, and Tampa Bay.

AWTFOP:  The Jacksonville Jaguars select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford and announce a move to Los Angeles.

Denver Broncos

Record:  2-5

Remaining Schedule:  @ OAK, @ KC, NYJ, @ SD, @ MIN, CHI, NE, @ BUF, KC

WTFH?:  Poor drafting, incompetent trades, and no answer at QB have sunk the Bronco ship.

Outlook:  It’s Tebow Time!…well, at least for another week.  The Broncos are always a tough out at home, so expect them to sneak a couple from either the Jets, Bears, Patriots, or Chiefs.

AWTFOP:  The Denver Broncos select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

Seattle Seahawks

Record:  2-5

Remaining Schedule:  @ DAL, BAL, @ STL, WAS, PHI, STL, @ CHI, SF, @ ARI

WTFH?:  A team that really never has recovered from losing the Super Bowl are relying on Tarvaris Jackson at QB to win games and Pete Carroll to assemble some sort of talent base to win games.  Yes, they made the playoffs in 2010, but they were 7-9.

Outlook:  As always, there is an opportunity to pick up some W’s against the Rams plus the Seahawks can perhaps pick off some Eastern Time Zone teams like Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia at home.

AWTFOP:  The Seattle Seahawks select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.


Everyone else for the most part including the following “Bubble Teams” aka franchises that were thought to be dead earlier in the year but have improved or squads with favorable schedules and 3 wins or more.

Kansas City (4-3):  Ought to have a chance at the division after 2 stinkers to start the year.

Washington (3-4):  QB Carousel is a little disturbing, but shouldn’t finish with worst record.

Cleveland Browns (3-4):  Yes, they employ Colt McCoy, but they have a decent defense.


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