Spread ‘Em Vol. 5


This week, somewhat better.

I did better this week.  Although I still had to blindsides, and not the good blindsides like with Sandra Bullock, but the bad ones like with Joe Paterno.

Anyway, here’s what I picked (in parenthesis), and the actual results:

Kansas State (17) 45
Oklahoma State (52) 52
O/U 72, took under.  Spread was -21, lost that.

Texas A&M (24) 25
Oklahoma (31) 41
O/U 48, took over.  Spread was -13.5, cover

Texas Tech (24)
Texas (45) 52
O/U 63, took over.  Spread was -11.5, cover

Michigan (34) 16
Iowa (38) 24
O/U 52, took over (lose).  Spread was +4, win

Kansas (24) 10
ISU (41) 13
O/U 67, took under.  Spread was -14.5, lose.

Northwestern (21) 28
Nebraska (38) 25
O/U 55 took over, lose.  Spread was -17.5, lose.

Missouri (28) 39
Baylor (24) 42
O/U 43, took over.  Spread was -2, lose.

South Carolina (42) 28
Arkansas (40) 44
O/U 72, took over, even.  Spread was , lose.

LSU (20) 9
Alabama (21) 6
O/U 58, took under.  Picked LSU on point, win.

Against the spread 4-6
Over/Under Challenge 6-3
Pick ‘Em Pool 7-3 this week

So, while I did better, I still bleed a little money on the spread picks.  Let’s see if we can do better this week.  We have children’s college to thing of, for heaven’s sake!

Texas at Missouri
Open 1.5
Current 1
Texas is coming off a great win against Texas Tech.  This game is at Missouri, but I think Texas will pull it out.  I’m going to say this low scoring affair will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-17.  And over under of 40, taking the over.

Nebraska at Penn State
Open 3
Current 2.5
I’m surprised this isn’t migrating higher with the recent allegations against the Penn State program.  There is some serious shit going down there, and I think it will be a distraction that allows Nebraska to win by 5 or 6.  We’ll give this an over under of 48, and I’m saying Nebraska in a tight one, 31-25 (taking the over).

Michigan State at Iowa
Open 3
Current 2.5
Iowa played really well against Michigan last week.  I look for another tight contest this week against Michigan State.  These two teams are really mirror images of each other.  It’s going to come down to offensive lines and turnover.  Can one team get the blocks up front to open up holes?  Can anyone on defense force a big play?  I’ll continue my homerism, and go with Iowa in another home squeaker, 24-23.  I’d give this game an over under of 38, and I’d take the over (obviously).

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech
Open 18
Current 17.5
Wow.  Four home dogs this week.  I’m going to stand by my theory this year that the Cowboys have the best offense in the Big 12.  I think they cover easily against a Texas Tech team that either pulls the upsets or gets aborted.  Look for another nightmare as Oklahoma State rolls, easily covering, 48-16.  I would go under my O/U prediction of 77.

Auburn at Georgia
Open -12.5
Current -12.5
I don’t really like Georgia.  I don’t know if they will win or not, but in this game, I know they won’t cover.  Auburn should keep this one close.  I’d take the points and while Georgia will probably still win, it will be more like a 28-20 victory, coming under an O/U challenge of 62.  I like Auburn a lot this year.  They are gutsy, and I mean they aren’t that good but usually get in there, play hard, and try to mess some shit up.

Texas A&M at Kansas State
Open 3
Current 5
This one is migrating north and I’m not sure why.  Kansas State showed they can hang with the best in the conference last week.  I know they had a few injuries, but I look for them to play well at home.  Does that mean they will win?  I know I am still inclined to take A&M.  I think they can get some late points to win by 7, in a relatively low scoring game.  They come in under an O/U of 54, final score Texas A&M 27, Kansas State 20.

Oregon at Stanford
Open -3
Current -3
Well, here is Stanford’s season.  This game will be high scoring.  I’m putting an O/U of 68 on this game, and I think Stanford wins it, 38 to 34 (that’s taking the over, and that’s hoping that Stanford can do it to get some non-SEC teams in the mix.)

Tennessee at Arkansas
Open Off
Current Off
Spreads haven’t been released for this game yet.  Check back mid-week.

TCU at Boise State
Open -15
Current -14
TCU isn’t bringing as much to this rivalry as in the past, and I look for Boise to roll, not allowing what happened last year to repeat itself (late season loss).  Setting the O/U at 54 (taking over), and looking for Boise State to cover with a score of 38 – 24.

That’s it.  I hope you have great luck at gambling.  And good luck kids of gamblers, may your inheritance still be there in 30 years!

Against Spread:12-20 (booooo)
O/U Challenge: 17-7 (yay!)
Confidence Pool: 70 – 30 (that’s 70% picking winners for the year)

~ by maxaverage on November 7, 2011.

One Response to “Spread ‘Em Vol. 5”

  1. 6-3 last week…lost with Oklahoma State not covering, Iowa winning (not a bad thing!), and Mizzou coming 1 point short.

    11-6 in games picked on Spread ‘Em. Sorry, didn’t get picks in for Bloodbath Saturday due to birth of child.

    This week (sans TEN vs ARK): Texas, Penn State, Iowa, Okie State, Auburn, K-State, Oregon, Boise.


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