Spread ‘Em Vol. 6


Hot garbage.

Wow.  Just an epic bloodbath this weekend again.  Matter of fact, since I started writing this dumb column, I’ve really had shitty luck.  Oh well, let’s see how we did.  My pick in parenthesis.

Texas (31) 5
Missouri (17) 17
O/U of 40.  I took over.  LOSE Texas no cover, LOSE

Nebraska (31) 17
Penn State (25) 14
O/U of 48, took over. LOSE Nebraska covers, WIN

Michigan State (23) 37
Iowa (24) 21
O/U of 38, took over WIN Iowa fails to cover, LOSE

Oklahoma State (48) 66
Texas Tech (16) 6
O/U of 77, took under WIN.  OK STATE cover WIN

Auburn (20) 7
Georgia (28) 45
O/U 62, took under, WIN.  Georgia covers, LOSE

Texas Christian (24) 36
Boise State (38) 35
O/U 54, took over WIN.  Boise fails to cover, LOSE

Texas A&M (27) 50
Kansas State (20) 53
O/U 54, took under LOSE.  A&M shits bed, LOSE

Oregon (34) 53
Stanford (38) 30
O/U 68, took over WIN.  Standford lays egg, LOSE

I left the Tennessee Arkansas game off because the spreads didn’t come out until way late in the week.

So I did awful.  I was 2-6 in spreads, 5-3 in the O/U challenge.  I did 5-5 in my confidence pool.  Poor, poor performance.  Well, we have a few weeks left to right the ship, let’s see if I can wash these sheets and sleep in a clean bed the rest of the season.

Oklahoma State at ISU
Open 27
Current 25.5
O/U of 57, taking over
ISU hosts Oklahoma State on a big Friday evening game in Ames.  LTFO, ISU.  LTFO.  OK STATE rolls in this one, even though ISU’s defense holds them a little bit.  Final score of 53-17.

Nebraska at Michigan
Open -3
Current -3
O/U 58 taking under
Nebraska is the dog after an emotional week in Happy Valley.  I think this will be another low scoring, tight affair but I still expect Nebraska to pull it out.  I think Burkhead will have a big game against a better Michigan defense, but if Iowa tore them up, Nebraska could do the same.  Plus, Martinez looks like he is finally starting to pitch the ball with knowledge and skill, at least according to one of my die-hard Nebraska friends.  Nebraska wins it, 28-27.  Under the O/U Challenge of 58.

Wisconsin at Illinois
Open 13.5
Current 14
O/U 63 taking even
I don’t know who Wisconsin is at this point.  They were so dominant, and then just crappy.  I think this is going to be a gutter war.  I think Illinois will lose, but not by much.  I’m going with a score of 35 to 28.  Wisconsin does not cover and the only reason it doesn’t go into OT is because of a late turnover by Illinois.

Penn State at Ohio State
Open – 5.5
Current -7
O/U 35 taking under
Holy hell what will happen here.  I’m surprised they even have a line on this game at this point.  There is so much stuff that will come out yet, but I think a week of a little less coverage will be good, and I think Penn State will rally behind interim coach Bradley and maybe they pull the upset, maybe not.  On the flip side you have an OSU team that lost to PURDUE!  I don’t feel so bad about Iowa losing to Minnesota – there is a lot of stiff competition in the Big Ten.  Anyway, Ohio State gets the ugly win at home, 20-13. Taking under.

Virginia at Florida State
Open -18
Current -17
O/U 43 taking over
Virginia is kind of a disappointment, but so is Florida State.  This should be called the Sad “Ohhhhhhh” Bowl.  Hell, Florida State was smarter people than me’s pick at the beginning of the year, then they just soiled the sheets over an over.  Now they are looking at wins over lackluster programs in the name of building for the future.  Well, here’s another building block, as they win 32-27.  Take the over but take Virginia to spoil the cover.

Kansas State at Texas
Open -7.5
Current -9
O/U 63 taking under
If Texas wins this week I’ll be pissed, because I think K State is going to abort them.  I think K State hangs 38 on Texas and Texas gets maybe 24 points.  That is one point under the O/U Challenge.  K State spoils the cover and wins going away.

Iowa at Purdue
Open 2.5
Current 3
O/U 52 taking over
Iowa has a pattern.  The win against someone they should lose against, the lose against someone they should win against, then they win a close one, then they lose to a better team, then they blow out a schlocker after everyone writes them off.  Purdue is getting a ton of love for this one.  About ever four games Iowa plays to its potential in any season, and that’s this week.  Look out Purdue, you are going to get beat by 20.  Final score: Iowa 38, Purdue 21.  That’s over the O/U.


USC at Oregon
Open -16.5
Current -14.5
O/U 70 taking over
I think I wasn’t alone in writing Oregon off, but we forget, the only team they have lost to is the national champion LSU Tigers.  So was it really that big of a surprise when they just kick the shit out of Stanford on all sides of the ball?  That game got ugly fast, and I don’t think Stanford loses that game if Harbaugh is still the coach.  But that’s in the past, and Oregon still has a chance at the National Title game if they win out and a few breaks go their way.  Now I know Stanford and Notre Dame beat USC, but USC is still USC and they have a shot at punching anyone in the mouth at any time.  I’m picking Oregon to win, but not cover.  I think they win this with a pretty similar score to last week.  Something like 49-38.  That’s the Over.

If you are keeping score at home:

Against Spread: 14-26 (booooooooooo)
O/U Challenge: 22-10 (YAY!)
Confidence Pool: 75-35 (That’s still 70%, but I effectively lost all chance of making money after this week.)

~ by maxaverage on November 14, 2011.

One Response to “Spread ‘Em Vol. 6”

  1. 3-5 in a disastrous week, moved down to 14-11 overall in games I have picked.

    Going with this lineup this week:

    Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio State, Virginia, Texas, Purdue, Oregon.


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