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The 23rd of November is sure to be a shit show.

WILD TURKEY WEDNESDAY:  I will be traveling to Lincoln, NE, this weekend to participate in Wild Turkey Wednesday, a great excuse to drink, and to watch Iowa vs. Nebraska.  From what I hear, WTW usually devolves into bad karaoke and various states of undress, so here’s hoping.  I would encourage everyone to get as drunk as possible tomorrow so that you can participate in the next great holiday, Aspirin Thursday!  I’ll be posting a live journal of the shit show that is Wild Turkey Wednesday as we deteriorate, so head over to the Facebook page to see that as it unfolds.  What?  You didn’t know we had a Facebook Page?

ADD US TO FACEBOOK AND TWITTER:  What a segue!  You can like our Facebook page by clicking here.  You can add our new Twitter account by clicking here.

NEW WRITERS:  I think I may have found another person to help us keep more quality content up on the site for you to admonish. She will hopefully start after the holidays, doing book reviews and a few other things.  If you or anyone else you know wants to write for our site, you are more than welcome to try.  Send me three writing samples, and a little synopsis of what you want to write about.  Right now, the pay is nothing.  But, if we continue to grow, eventually the goal is to sell some ads so I can then pay you.  So, shoot me an email at isnotawasteland@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook.  We would be open to as many as two more people right now.  We don’t really care what you write about, as long as it’s well written (do a better job proofing than I do), and not  bigoted.  We aren’t looking for someone to write every day.  Just someone to help share the load and provide good content.

FEEDBACK:  If you have an idea for a story, go fuck yourself.  Just kidding!  If you have a real idea of something you would like us to write about, just shoot us a comment or a message.  We are always open for ideas and we want to write about things the readers actually care about.  I’m going to focus heavily on sports and pop culture and stupidity.  Greg is going to focus on sports, especially the Royals, and some politics.  But we will write about other things if you want.  Just let us know.

COOL:  So far the coolest thing we have done is the podcast interview of Jeff Anderson, Director of Corporate Communications for the Minnesota Vikings.  You can listen to that here.  We want to do more interviews.  So if you know anyone you would like us to interview who maybe isn’t so famous that they would say no, then let me know and we will try to line it up.

~ by maxaverage on November 22, 2011.

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