Spread ‘Em Vol. 8: Part One Recap


Complete hot garbage.

 This week I did a lot better picking winners.  Against the spread is still up for debate (let’s face it, good thing I’m not spending real money).  I was so close on that Alabama Auburn game.  Auburn did only score on a kick return and a defensive fumble recovery.  Unfortunately, they failed to score anything else.  They really couldn’t move the ball on Alabama.  The Crimson Tide are tough.  The thing I didn’t want now seems to be the only thing that can happen.  LSU will play Alabama for the title. 

I got pretty close this week on the Texas/A&M game.  I pegged the correct spread.  A lot of these games lately were trending down in score the last few weeks, and naturally by the time I hop on board, a bunch of the games have high scores. 

Well, let’s look back at my picks from this week, and then I’ll do a separate post last this week on all the conference championship games. 

As always, m score pick in parenthesis.

Texas (30) 27
Texas A&M (28) 25
O/U Challenge: took over, WIN.  Texas upset, WIN

Iowa (31) 7
Nebraska (21) 20
O/U Challenge: took over, LOSE.  Iowa to win, LOSE

Arkansas (28) 17
LSU (36) 41
O/U Challenge: took over, WIN.  LSU covers, LOSE

Ohio State (28) 34
Michigan (32) 40
O/U Challenge: took over, WIN.  Michigan doesn’t cover, WIN

Iowa State (45) 6
Oklahoma (52) 26
O/U Challenge: took over, LOSE.  ISU spread bust, LOSE

Alabama (24) 42
Auburn (26) 14
O/U Challenge: took under WIN, Alabama covers, LOSE

Penn State (17) 7
Wisconsin (23) 45
O/U Challenge: took over, WIN.  Wisconsin covers, LOSE

Clemson (20) 14
South Carolina (17) 34
O/U Challenge: took under, WIN.  South Carolina cover, LOSE

Notre Dame (32) 14
Stanford (49) 28
O/U Challenge: took over, LOSE.  Stanford cover, WIN

So if you are keeping track at home, I went 3-6 against the spread this week (pitiful), 6-3 in the O/U challenge, and I went 8-3 in my confidence pool.  My year to date is:

Against Spread: 21-36 (puke)
O/U Challenge: 32-17 (less pukeful)
Confidence Pool: 88-42 (great percentage)

A complete breakdown of the conference championship games will be up midweek.  Check back then.

~ by maxaverage on November 27, 2011.

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