Another Reason For Football Playoffs

University Presidents: Please identify this.


LSU vs. Alabama.  For all the marbles.  We all know it is going to happen, and most of us should want something else.  Without question, these teams have been the best in college football in 2011, but a rematch of the November 5th tilt in Alabama should be the last thing allowed for the national title game.

Firstly, LSU is more than deserving of playing for a championship.  They have taken on 3 AP top 3 teams in Oregon, Alabama, and Arkansas, beating all of them.  Their defense is spectacular and their offense feeds off the mistakes the defense forces.  It would be a crime to not have them be in the title game, even if they get beat by Georgia in the SEC title game.

Alabama on the other hand, is a less convincing case.  The Crimson Tide, by way of getting beat by LSU at home by 3 in OT should have forfeited any opportunity to play for the gold.  They cannot even win their own division, let alone win their own conference title.  This ought to be enough to bar a team from playing for the championship, aka the Nebraska 2001 Rule.

But I think the loss to LSU itself is damning enough for Roll Tide.  How are we supposed to feel if Bama beats the Tigers in the National Title Game?  Is it best 2 out of 3?  Why does winning that game make them champs?  LSU already proved they can beat them.

But then again, who else has proven their worth?  Oklahoma State lost a heartbreaker to the lowly Cyclones in Ames, hours after learning of a tragedy in the women’s basketball coaching staff.  Stanford lost to Oregon, who then lost to USC.  Oklahoma dropped 2 games.  Clemson floundered after a great start.  Wisconsin lost 2 games on Haily Mary’s at the tail end of contests against Michigan State and Ohio State.  Boise State lost at home to TCU, ruining their near-decade long pursuit for a title shot.

Some would point to Houston and their as-of-now undefeated record, but no voter would put them in the spotlight.

As posited here 3 years ago, it shouldn’t come down to computers and humans conspiring to make for rematches and award a pair of schools with the only ticket to a title.  Like every other sport (including football in lower divisions), a playoff should and must be implemented.

I’ll choose to pursue the Top 12 BCS method once again, because it encompasses all of the worthy teams and packs them in for a powerful tournament for everyone’s enjoyment.  I realize the Big Ten and it’s delusions of self-importance wouldn’t stand for not having a team in the Top 12, but then again, they didn’t have a team in the Top 12.  Whoops.  Win more games.


1  LSU Tigers

2  Alabama Crimson Tide

3  Oklahoma State Cowboys

4  Stanford Cardinal

First Round Matches

12 South Carolina Gamecocks @ 5 Virginia Tech–A great turnout no doubt for this regional battle.

11 Kansas State Wildcats @ 6 Houston Cougars–An interesting game between a Big 12 wannabe and a Big 12 resurrection.

10 Oklahoma Sooners @ 7 Boise State Broncos–Who wouldn’t want to watch the rematch of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl?

9  Oregon Ducks @ 8 Arkansas Razorbacks–Without question, the most interesting of the first round games.

Who moves on?  I’ll take South Carolina in the upset at Beemer Town, Houston to squeak past K-State in a shootout, Boise to push by Oklahoma, and Arkansas to beat Oregon in a slugfest.  Next games?  Still played on campus.  The losers (Va Tech, K-State, Oklahoma, and Oregon) all return to the bowl pool like normal and will probably all play January 1 bowl games.


12 South Carolina @ 1 LSU–Lights out for Spurrier’s crew?

8 Arkansas @ 4 Stanford–Yet another PAC-12 vs. SEC tilt.  A good one with Luck showing how good he is.

7 Boise State @ 3 Oklahoma State–Boise must pass through another “OK” team.

6 Houston @ 2 Alabama–I’m just glad I got to type this sentence.

Winners from this?  LSU breezes by the other USC in a blowout.  Alabama takes care of Houston by 10 to 14 points, but must weather a shot from the Cougars.  Oklahoma State edges Boise in another good game, while Stanford beats Arkansas in overtime.  The losers of these games (South Carolina, Arkansas, Boise State, and Houston) are released to the BCS games, squaring off against each other.


4 Stanford @ 1 LSU–A true test for LSU, but Stanford having to travel east will be tough.

3 Oklahoma State @ 2 Alabama–Offense vs. Defense.  Hell of a game in Tuscaloosa.

LSU would beat Stanford and expose them to be Andrew Luck + 85 other dudes.  A no-brainer to advance to the title game.  But in a slight surprise, Oklahoma State punches Bama right in the mouth and beats them at home, by more than the 3 LSU beat them by.  Stanford and Alabama will play in the next BCS game to be filled.


3 Oklahoma State vs. 1 LSU at Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA

LSU gets a home game in essence, but the Cowboys make a game of it.  LSU wins by kicking a game winning field goal and wins what was their title to begin with.  They just didn’t have to beat Alabama TWICE to do it.

Love It or Leave It.

Your 2011 NCAA FBS Champs!


~ by goetgre on November 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Another Reason For Football Playoffs”

  1. While I agree that this year more than most does boast reasons to change the landscape (i.e. the Chase in NASCAR). Couldn’t it also be said that since LSU has already “done work” that deserve the title period and that the bowl game they go to is just that a bowl game (exhibition)?

    The biggest problem with playoffs is that they barely reward for a regular season. You just have to come on at the right time, I’m not saying that the current process isn’t FUBAR, but you could make a case that the real USC (Southern Cal) is the hottest team in the nation right now. If this was the basketball tourney they’d get a 4 seed and they’d make they’d have a shot. I realize that you’re talking a 12 team playoff and as we’ve seen with the basketball tournament as well as with kids, everyone wants into the playoff, they all believe they get their shot, that it’s supposed to be fair.

    Life’s not fair and I think that’s what we’re getting in the BCS this year. I hope that the voters don’t give us a rematch for the main reason of, LSU beat Alabama by 3 in Tuscaloosa, AL. Right then and there, they don’t deserve to face LSU for a chance at the title, they’ve already squandered it. Next team in, OK St, Va Tech, or Stanford; I really don’t care. OK St has the worst loss, but you can probably hang their tragedy on some of that; Va Tech’s loss doesn’t look that great, but they’ll win their division; Stanford didn’t win it’s division so it’s hard to say they deserve it esp. when you do the LSU already beat Oregon, Oregon beat Stanford, so LSU < Stanford.

    Wouldn't mind seeing Houston sneak in, just so LSU gets the exhibition game they deserve and can showcase their talent. But nobody would let that happen because they haven't done anything to deserve it either.

    Just hand LSU the crystal football now and let the teams take the holidays off.


  2. This year, yes, you could make the argument of just having LSU held out of a bowl game and award them the trophy.

    But it is just DUMB luck of the DUMBEST kind that there haven’t been more years like 2004 when three teams from major conferences finished undefeated. Heck, it’s DUMB luck that every conference hasn’t pushed forth an undefeated team.

    What would the BCS do if Wisconsin, Stanford, Clemson, Oklahoma State, LSU (and Houston) had finished unbeaten? Their collective heads would have exploded.

    It may take that scenario to get a push for a playoff. Funny thing is, it isn’t that unlikely.

    The solution, of course, is a playoff. If Alabama were to advance all the way to the title game and face LSU and beat them, I’d feel WAY better about that outcome than just beating LSU in a one-game playoff.


  3. I still have a sneaky suspicion that the SEC has it’s money in their refs pockets to ensure a team gets into the title every year. It looked that way in the Alabama/LSU game early on with lots of “bad” calls in my opinion. I’ve noticed this in the past years as well.


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