Urban: Myth or Legend?


An Urban Meyer

I think Ohio State made a great move this week in hiring Urban Meyer to coach the Buckeyes going forward.  I enjoy the fact that they took care of Luke Fickell as well, the man who helmed the Buckeyes through the storm that was Jim Tressell.  Let’s make a list, pros and cons, and see if he is a hero of legend, or a big fat myth.

He is a genus with the offense
He graduates his players
He appears to run a clean program
He is very smart
He never ages

He is a kind of a liar
He can’t make up his mind
He may cut and run if his health goes south or he goes back to his family
He never ages

Now let’s make another list.  Upside and Downside.

He brings immediate legitimacy to the Big Ten and Ohio State
He will turn Ohio State around
Every school that beats Ohio State will now earn instant credibility
He could bring multiple championships and titles to OSU
He never ages

He sidesteps the truth a lot
His heart may not be in it, both literally and figuratively
He is a vampire

That’s about it.  When you break it down, it looks like Ohio State made the hire of the year, and will enjoy the fruits of a legend.  You could sum up every story like this by saying time will tell, but I think time already told us.  Ohio State will immediately be better, and as soon as they sort through their sanctions, large or small, they will be instantly considered each year for the national championship.  Plus it will give me more and more chances to use my awesome Photoshop above.  I just wish he had a dimwitted cousin named Rural.  I’m so making that picture anyway.  Stay tuned!

~ by maxaverage on November 30, 2011.

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