Spread ‘Em Volume 9: Championship Week Recap


Championship week was actually kind to me, but not as kind as your mom was.

Well, it only took me until the end of the stupid season, but I finally had a good week.  Let’s get right to the recaps.  As always, my score prediction in parenthesis. Georgia (24) 10
LSU (52) 42
O/U 53, took over, WIN.  LSU covers, WINI didn’t get a chance to catch this live, but I watched quite a bit of it on tape.  LSU is real good. ISU (21) 23
KSU (28) 30
O/U 55, took under WIN. Took points, WINEvery week, it’s really hard, but ISU somehow finds a way to lose. Oklahoma (41) 10
Oklahoma State (47) 41
O/U 78, took over, LOSE.  OKST covers, WIN
This was not a surprise.  I’ve been saying Oklahoma is a paper champ all season.  This just reaffirms.  SMU (30) 49
Houston (49) 28O/U 73, took over, WIN.  Houston shits bed, LOSE
This one hurt, not because it was the only real lopsided loss, but because I’m fond of Houston.  We were getting sushi to go and I watched a lot of this game with my nephew when we got to their house.  He wanted to know if the Red Team was the good guys.  I said yes.  Then when they lost he asked if the good guys lost.  “Today they did.  Today they did.” UCLA (17) 31
Oregon (54) 49
O/U 66, took over, WIN.  Oregon doesn’t cover, LOSEWell, get prepared for an excited Rose Bowl.  Badgers eat Ducks. Virginia Tech (24) 10
Clemson (27) 38
O/U 51, took even, LOSE.  Clemson upset, WIN
I’m surprised by the final score, but not the outcome.  Clemson is a great team. Texas (24) 24
Baylor (38) 48
O/U 54, took over, WIN.  Baylor even, WIN
Baylor is good, Texas is not.  What more did you expect? Wisconsin (45) 42
Michigan State (20) 39
O/U 57, took over, WIN.  Wisconsin no cover, LOSE
I watched this whole game on the edge of my seat.  I couldn’t believe how great it was.  To have it end with a roughing the kicking penalty is lame.  Granted, I wanted Wisconsin to win, but holy hell, a double OT shootout?  How awesome would that have been?  I will say, it took Michigan State going the distance for me to finally take them seriously.  Senior leadership, baby. So for the week:AGAINST THE SPREAD: 5-3
CONFIDENCE POOL: 8-2 Overall for the seasonATS: 26-39 (slowly improving)O/UC: 38-19 (Great!)
CP: 96-44 (Great stats, but ended up not placing based on final score) I haven’t talked to Greg yet, but I am sure we are going to cook up some sort of epic bowl game preview.  We will probably even do a podcast about the games.  Should be fun, stay tuned for that.

~ by maxaverage on December 4, 2011.

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