Weekend Recap


The Fighting Tebows are at it again.

Broncos – The Broncos pulled out another last second tie, win in OT game yesterday, which proves, once and for all, if you stop sending the blitz and drop into a cover 2, Tebow will shred you.  If you let the Broncos D have their way with you, Tebow will shred you.  If you fumble late in the game when it is in hand, Tebow will shred you.

Packers – 13-0.  Colts are 0-13.  Rodgers is good.  Indianapolis sucks as a team and a town.

Wax Political – There was a big debate in Des Moines this weekend, and it occurred when I told my girlfriend that I was watching football on Sunday, and she said “No”.  Oh yeah, there was another real debate and I am not sure who the winner was, but the lose was definitely “Everyone Who Wants To Vote Republican In The Election Next Year.”

Obama on 60 Minutes – This was time I’ll never get back.  It’s just rhetoric with these guys.  No one offers a real solution, they just want to harp on their ideas from three years ago, and bitch about the other side.  It’s just, “those other guys are jerks, not me.” You can watch it at CBS.com.  It was about as entertaining as Saturday Night Live.

SNL – Worst episode ever.  They completely wasted Katy Perry.  All the skits were garbage.  If Stefan wouldn’t have been on Weekend Update, it would have been unwatchable.  What is going on over there?  Even crappy me would make a better writer.  Boooooo!  Go see for yourself.

Xavier – I know violence isn’t the answer, but sometimes it is awesome.  Any time you get college kids throwing punches, its bad, but this fight was great. The post game comments are awesome.  I’m a gangster!

Paterno: Hip To Be Square? – Joe Paterno fell and broke his hip.  Now maybe he will know what it is like to walk funny for a couple weeks.

~ by maxaverage on December 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. You misspelled Rodgers above. Also on your Wax Political comment I totally agree, for anyone who wants Obama out I say “Good Luck!” these candidates are bad, really, really bad (at least any that have been mentioned as front runners or Donald).


  2. Fixed. I had typed this whole thing and then lost it somehow so when I retyped it I was in a hurry.

    I have a friend who lives in New York that said something to the effect of, “I’ll vote for a republican, just tell me who! Tell me which one is going to be good and not ineffective.” As an independent, I don’t know who to vote for at this point? When I was little no one was going to vote Gingrich in, and now he’s the front runner? That says a lot about the candidates. Rick Perry is a bigot and an idiot. Michelle Bachman is so impressed with herself. Romney is the white Obama. I would have voted for him last election. This election? Not sure. Ron Paul? I don’t know man, It’s like the Chiefs and Bears. We had great people, and now we just have Tyler Palko and Caleb Haney? That’s what we have? Why couldn’t we have had a TJ Yates?


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