Bowl Preview Part IV



Jan 3rd, 8:30 PM, ESPN, New Orleans, LA
Michigan by 3
O/U: 51

This was way better when I thought Virginia Tech was the Mountaineers. Too many Virginia teams. Anyway, Jeremiah Johnson!

QUICK ANALYSIS:  Michigan was much improved under new coach Brady Hoke.  Virginia Tech is fast and has a great defense.  Their only two losses are both to Clemson.  Michigan lost to Michigan State and Iowa.  It’s a crime that Michigan gets a BCS game and Michigan State didn’t.

MAX:  I love many things, and there are very few things I actually hate.  In fact, I can list my hates pretty concisely.  I hate ketchup, the Yankees, the Cubs, the Broncos, Notre Dame, Metallica and Michigan and the state of New Jersey, and Iowa State football.  So it comes as a bit of a surprise that I want Michigan to win this game.  I think it will reflect very well on the Big Ten if they get a solid victory, but mostly it will help my terrible picks this bowl season.  So go Michigan I guess.  I think they will win pretty handily tonight, final score 35-21.  Take the over.

ERIC: I have enjoyed making picks for Is Not a Wasteland Dot WordPress Dot Com Slash, but this is exactly what I hate about college football: I’ve made three rounds of at least 10 picks about a level of sport of which I barely have a working knowledge, a level of sport that consumes the lives of men years if not decades out of the age range of relevance to the game, a thirst quenched by a post-season slew of fucking 6-6 teams getting a national spotlight they’ve done nothing whatsoever to deserve. Rather than focusing my attention on a choice few games like this, featuring some winners, I have to attend to the Barry Horowitzes and Brooklyn Brawlers of the world, too. At least I know who Michigan is, and the Virginia Tech campus gets shot up every few years now so they’re better known than before. So for what I kinda hope is my last pick, take Michigan to beat the spread, and go over the line like I try to do every day at Final score: 31-24.


~ by maxaverage on January 3, 2012.

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