Bowl Preview Part V


Jan 4th, 8:30, ESPN, Miami, FL
Clemson by 3
O/U: 60

QUICK ANALYSIS: Clemson put together a season that probably will be looked back on in disappointment.  They should have run the table.  West Virginia gets a lot of yards through the air, and they give up a ton of points.  The only games Clemson has lost are games in which they turn the ball over a ton.  So look for this to be a track meet, and if Clemson hangs on to the ball, they can really put up some points.

MAX:  Clemson has been my bandwagon team all season, and when they shit the bed this season, it was through the turnover.  They played like hot garbage on special teams a few times as well, but luckily those times (twice against Virginia Tech), the opponent played even more worse than Clemson on special teams.  I know West Virginia can hang some points, but I think Clemson gets teams to play to their level.  I look for Clemson to win this one in exciting fashion, 34-28.  Take the over.

ERIC: I’ve already discovered oranges, so I don’t know to whom this game is catering. I have not, however, discovered a cure for Clemson, which is the favorite and also sounds like an old venereal disease, like gleet. West Virginia hasn’t discovered the cure for Clemson, either. Clemson beats the spread, take the over. Final score: 38-27.

~ by maxaverage on January 4, 2012.

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