NCAA Recap – 2012 Prediction


"Prognosticatin' wit da cooolidge futbal, mon!"

Tonight is one of the best nights of the year.  All the energy I’ve vesting in watching college football pays off, and since I am a broke turd, I get to listen to the game on the radio.  But it is my favorite night for other reasons.  If there is one thing I like more than inappropriate jokes and Olivia Wilde, it is making sweeping and grand predictions based on zero fact.  So with that in mind, I am going to predict, right now, next season’s (2012-2013) final top 25 poll.  We won’t know the answer to this until next year.  We won’t know what mysteries will be left unsolved, and what tragedies will befall top ranked teams throughout the season.  But I’m going to pretend I do.  Picks listed in reverse order, to build suspense and page views.

Honorable Mentions

These are teams right on the cusp at the the end of the year, and would have been ranked had they won their bowl games.

Notre Dame
Georgia Tech
Old Miss
Michigan State
Texas A&M
Louisiana Lafayette
Virginia Tech

Your Top 25

25. ISU
24. Southern Miss
23. Auburn
22. Arizona State
21. Texas
20. NC State
19. Iowa
18. Boise State
17. Florida State
16. Stanford
15. Nebraska
14. Oklahoma
13. TCU
12. South Carolina
11. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma State
9. West Virginia
8. Arkansas
7. Georgia
6. Alabama
5. USC
4. Baylor
3. Michigan
2. Clemson
1.  LSU

Keep in mind, this is basing a prediction off of what we know today.   RG3 could get an DUI.  Taylor Martinez could learn to throw/break his leg.  But if there are minimal illegalities and injuries, this should be about where they finish.  Let’s look at a few of these.

LSU is great, they return a bunch of players, and win or lose tonight, they will be right back in the hunt next year.  Ignore Clemson’s epic turn lay this year.  They come back in a big way to win their Orange Bowl and finish second.  Michigan will run the table, win the Big Ten, then lose to LSU in a close one.  Oklahoma State will still be pretty good, but I think they will be down without their 35 year old QB.  TCU and West Virginia will both have a nice showing in their Big 12 debuts.  Nebraska is about two years away from getting over the hump.  Boise State puts together a really nice season but the miles they log take a toll.  Honestly, I think the hardest one to pin down is ISU.  I think they could jump Iowa, but they could end up in the top 15.  If they can get over their culture of suck, and stop fumbling away sure things, they could be a very dangerous team next year.  Their defense is very nice, and they are about two less turnovers per game from going 9-3.  Florida State will be higher before their bowl game, but get beat handily by Alabama.

End result:  I cannot wait for college football to start!  And it isn’t even over!

As I go to post this, LSU is down 3-0 to ‘Bama.


~ by maxaverage on January 9, 2012.

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