Let’s Get Pissed About Something Else Stupid


What's with the 'No Circle?' It's not like she gave the principal a lap dance.

I have read varying accounts across the interwebs, but it seems that generally, people are pretty up in arms that this blonde girl from Bumtown, USA; wore a mildly sexy outfit for her senior picture and then submitted it for the yearbook.  Sydney Spies, the 18 year-old student in question, was told that her picture was too sexy apparently, and that she would have to pick something else.  Now everyone is jumping on one side or the other and it seems like more are on the side that she is some sort of a whore for not wearing a simple dress and a kerchief.  And that is a load of shit.

Each week, millions of people watch a terrible show called Glee. It’s about scantily dressed high school kids who sing. Also, at least 1.2 million people watch America’s Next Top Model, a terrible program that parades the stars of the show (young girls between 16-24ish) around in dumb and sometimes scant costumes. 1.3 million people watch a show each week about toddlers and beauty contests, and I know a lot of people hate that show and rightly so, but still, 1.3 million people dedicate time to objectifying a toddler. So this girl wants to take some sexy, artsy photos? Who cares? I think in our current times, a young girl celebrating her youth is far less important a story than say, crooks in washington, drugs on the street, or countless other things that are truly terrible, like ATM fees at a strip club.

I’m not for or against anything in this situation. I’m just trying to point out that this girl, who is 18 by the way, feels this picture is what she wants to submit, and it doesn’t matter what I, or you, or John Comment, or the Lord of Yearbook thinks, she feels it is okay, and it is not our place to judge it.  I have also read in many of the comment sections about this (see below) people who say “She will look back on this one day and regret it.”  Really?  I think it is a little presumptive to believe that she will regret this later in life. Who are you, Guy/Girl Who Doesn’t Know Her, to presume or assume anything about her or her feelings toward either wearing or not wearing clothes?  Conversely, it is the Lord of Yearbook’s decision to not include this picture and it doesn’t matter what you or I or this Sydney Spies, or her mom, or whoever thinks. Yearbook Layout is not a democracy, and if they don’t want her picture, that’s their choice.  I was 18 once. I like to think I am more mature now, but I haven’t changed so much that I regret dressing the way I did or wish I hadn’t done something.  I want to drive this point home.  It is ignorant and selfish to say someone will regret something when you A) don’t know them personally and B) have a flawed view of the situation. I am not saying I am not guilty of this sometimes, myself (this carrying on, thinking I know how someone feels.)  But to get so worked up over an outfit is way more childish than the fact her mom chooses to fight the Lord of Yearbook over their decision.
Especially if she turns out like millions of other Americans, (fat, miserable and in debt) I think she may look back on the picture fondly and remember a time when she looked pretty good. But what do I know? I’m just a stupid blog in dumb old Iowa.   I would like to note, I’ve seen strippers’ press photos, and their press photos are not nearly this classy.
To some extent, it’s important to take a stand and fight for what you believe in, even if that’s just showing your midriff and shaking your ass.  I think it’s a little ridiculous to fight it any further.  Sometimes, realizing you made your case, and they said no, and now you both move on is more important.  But I really cannot believe how over-the-top and how angry some people are over something so trivial, so stupid, and so not-an-issue.  I beg you to go read some of the comments people have been making about this.  This should be on the ballot at the next election, and every candidate, from President to Mayor, should make this a part of their platform.   “I demand satisfaction!” bellowed literally dozens of people.  Links are below.

~ by maxaverage on January 11, 2012.

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