Bowl Pick Em Wrap Up


Sorry for the delay on this one, but I’ve been kind of sick this week and just didn’t feel like taking the time.  But, I have remedied the situation, and here is Max, Greg and Eric’s final pick breakdown.

There were three games that none of us did because of schedules.  Also, Greg and Eric were tied up the last few games.  We didn’t award an overall winner between us due to this, but you can see that we didn’t do too bad as a group.

Here’s the link to the final tally.


Also, congratulations to Drew Beals who won the first ever INWL Public Bowl Challenge.  As a reward, he will get a hard copy of all the Photoshops that we did for this year’s pick ’em.  It just might take me a little bit to get that put together, Drew, so have patience, but I assure you, the check is in the mail.

Thanks again to everyone who played.  I know it isn’t OLIVIA WILDE NAKED, but it was still an okay time.  Even good times.  Here are the final stats for the five people who participated.  I got third.

1 Charge That to the Game  Self Gloss 26 of 35 491
2 shuturcockholster  Jeff Simonsen 21 of 35 410
3 Familiar W/ Your Mom *  Mr. Stupid 19 of 35 392
4 Honey Badger don’t give a $h!t  Billy 17 of 35 369
5 I try to pick games  Dan 19 of 35 318

~ by maxaverage on January 12, 2012.

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