This Weekend’s Prop Bets


There are 5 prop bets I would love to put money on if we had a sports book in Iowa, and I had some money.

1. The Pats Defense Gives Up The Fewest Points In The Post Season – I mentioned this earlier this week, and it’s still my favorite bet ever.  The Patriots have this weird ability to turn their worst thing into their best thing come playoffs.  I look for the defense to have a swell game.  This is the safest of these bets.

2. The Ravens Score More Defensive And Special Teams TDs This Week Than Offensive – If the Pats shut the Raven offense down, doesn’t this make perfect sense?  Is it out of line to think the Ravens only kick two field goals but return a fumble or INT or punt for 6?  I would seriously consider this one if it was available.

3. Alex Smith Lays An Egg (-3) over Alex Smith Lays A Golden Egg – I seriously heard this statement from an ESPN radio host this week: “Well, and now Alex Smith has turned it around, so you have to watch out for him.” Really?  He has one good quarter against a middle-of-the-road defense, including a QB Eagles sneak, and suddenly this guy is viable?  I know we did this a lot last year with Aaron Rodgers, and he came out and stamped our foreheads, but please, let’s wait and see what Smith does this week before we anoint him.  I think it’s definitely three times more likely he shits the bed.  As a side note, can we agree that if he pulls another QB sneak for a big touchdown, we call him the San Francisco Feet?

4. Joe Flacco Throws For Less Than 150 Yards – This could be a dangerous bet if you are one of the people thinking the Pats D sucks, but hold on a minute.  We’ve already bet that the Pats give up the fewest points in the playoffs.  Plus, don’t the Ravens have to try to get Ray Rice going early and often?  This is a not a stretch by any means, and if the payout was higher than 5 to 1, you take it no question.

5. Someone Kicks A 60+ Yard Field Goal – This is very unlikely, as it is supposed to be raining in San Fran and the winds will be swirling in New England.  I’d say the only kicker with the leg for it is Cundiff on the Ravens.  I’d stay away from this bet, unless it’s like a $1.  I think you would be better off taking the ‘Someone Will Get A Field Goal Blocked’ bet with some of the weather conditions we are supposed to see.  I’d put a $20 on this, though.  Note, the longest kick in Playoff history was Pete Sonofabitch with a 58-yarder.  This one looks unlikely, but you should get good odds.

Well, good luck in all of your gambling ventures.  And remember, if you fritter away the kids’ college savings, they can take out their own loan!


~ by maxaverage on January 21, 2012.

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