The Best Super Bowl Ad of 2012


Oh Justin, you really are growing on me.

This year the Super Bowl ads were a major, major disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong – most of the ads each year are pure garbage.  Aside from the Darth Vader force-car-start last year, and the really swell dig at that ‘milkaholic Lindsay’, ads have been unimpressive to me.  But then, Samsung came through in the clutch this year, with an epic 1:30 second spot.

Anyone who knows me knows I love The Darkness.  They have catchy songs, unabashed themes, and they straight shred.  Naturally, I’m a sucker for the first spot in which I’ve seen Justin Hawkins shill.  It could have been nearly any product and I would have been excited.  Personally, I don’t own a Samsung phone, and I probably won’t switch as I am happy with my

Oh. That guy. From that spot.

HTC, but boy, they sure did some things right with this ad.

Do you remember the dumb coffee commercials back in the day?  They did some little build-y spots leading up to the Super Bowl, in an attempt to whet your appetite for not only the conclusion of their story, but also their coffee.  They (I can’t remember if it was Taster’s Choice or Folgers, and I don’t care enough to look) were pretty blunt that you had to tune in during the Super Bowl to see the big ‘finale’.  And that was cool and all, but Samsung created a way more subtle version of this in 2012, and for me, it was more effective.

For the last six months, Samsung has been running a campaign for their new phones, which are their version of the iPhone.

I haven’t looked up any info to back this up with dates or themes, which is relevant because it shows their ads are working.  I remember the characters standing in line.  I remember the guy asking for directions, I think, and leaving his girlfriend sitting outside in the cold while he looked at the blonde’s phone.  I took a screen cap from the Super Bowl spot to show you.  Once I noticed what was going on, I saw some other stuff that I either felt was part of their lead up campaign, or that I have since tricked myself into thinking was part of it.  The reason this is so relevant is that I didn’t know I was paying attention to their ads until I saw them all wrapped together in a clever little package.

Their message is clear: Everyone who bought Samsung Galaxy phones love them, and they don’t have to wait in a crappy line to get a phone.  It’s okay to believe in a phone that you love.

I know I didn’t break this ad down frame by frame.  You can watch the full spot below.  But  I didn’t see this spot coming in all of its glory, so whether it was The Darkness or the familiarity with the stories shared in the spot – whatever the case – it worked.  It got me to pay attention, and enjoy myself while watching an ad.  That’s clever.  That’s effective.  That’s the best spot of the 2012 Super Bowl commercials.


~ by maxaverage on February 8, 2012.

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