UPDATE: Now A Healthier Fatty


A week or so ago I let all of you know how I feel about 90% of the dieting world, that is, that most people are just lazy and dishonest about creating a plan and sticking to it.  This includes myself.  And while I was comfortable with that, I took a test for a life insurance policy and the results came back a little high in the cholesterol department.  And the triglycerides.  Basically, I was a fatty on a mission to eat all the hamburgers, and eventually replace all of my blood cells with McChickens and Potato Oles.

Because I actually enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and healthy-type things, but a lot of times because of work I don’t get home in time to make supper, I resort to eating a lot of stuff that barely passes for hot garbage.  This is especially prevalent in the fall when I am working up to 17 hours a day occasionally, and have time only to grab something quick, usually a Hobo Steak at the local McD’s.

When I got my results, I made a conscious effort at change.  No doctor was telling me what to do.  I just decided I was going to mostly get rid of pop and stop eating McDonald’s and cut back on the bacon.  I decided I wasn’t going to completely change my diet and give up all the stuff I love, I was just going to make better choices when it came to on-the-fly eating.  I also decided to pick up a fish oil pill for the omega whatevers.  Omega vitamins?  Whatever.  I grabbed some halibut pills.

Because I try to be loyal to people who provide quality service, I decided to go back to the guy I originally had my life insurance purchased through, to see what type of a deal he would cut me.  As luck would have it, he could get me a better deal, but I would have to test again.  Apparently, even though both insurance companies use the same exam company (and in fact I had the same lady do both tests) these two companies wouldn’t play nice and share results.  But I was okay with this.  I had been eating better and drinking less pop for about 28 days when I took my second test.

28 DAYS LATER: 215

28 DAYS LATER: 152

As you can see, in just under a month, cutting out pop and fast food made a dramatic difference.

In doing this for a month’s time I also feel like I need to amend my five rules from the original column and add a sixth:

6: Start Small – If you try to suddenly switch your lifestyle and make a 180 degree turn, there is little chance you will succeed.  Make one change.  Then make another change after you have one down.  If I would have tried to run five miles and change my diet I would have fallen off the wagon after like three days.  By starting small, I feel like I have allowed myself the chance to succeed.  Now when I actually start working out it won’t be such a drastic change.  Maybe I’ll even stick with it.

One last side note.  I’ve been drinking pop early and often for many years.  I had built up a tolerance to caffeine that I didn’t realize was there.  My typical bed time was midnight or later.  The last two weeks, after weening myself completely off pop, I’m tired at night.  Like, 10 PM tired.  What am I?  In middle school?



~ by maxaverage on February 16, 2012.

One Response to “UPDATE: Now A Healthier Fatty”

  1. Good luck on sticking to it, Max. My husband has been trying almost the exact same thing lately…no pop and no fast food. It’s amazing what a big difference just doing that makes.


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