Pitchers and Catchers: Report!


A simple Google search reveals the greatest baseball card ever.

Well, this is a joyful week for the baseball fan.  Riding the high of one of the wildest regular season finishes in recent memory, the 2012 baseball season looks to be filled with even more of the word I hate, that being parity.  But fans of perennial basement dwellers have a reason to hope.  The Red Sox have opened the door for the Yankees.  My beloved Royals are poised for a central division showdown with the Tigers.  The American League West is suddenly the most exciting division in sports with the addition of a 50 year old slugger and a slugger who has to sit for 50 games.  The National League East is wide open, with an aging Phillies team in control but with several young squads poised for insurrection.  The West will end in either a four way tie or with one team so far ahead that people forget about them.  And the Central shapes up to be most interesting division in baseball with the addition of Theo and the subtraction of LaRussa.

We will start breaking down the divisions in the next few weeks, but regardless of what drivel we spew, this season looks to be exciting, and what more can you want from a game of baseball?

~ by maxaverage on February 20, 2012.

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