isnotawasteland TV Actress Tournament


68 will enter. Who will win?

This year, for fun, we are going to have a focused bracket of our own.  We present, the isnotawasteland TV Actress Tournament.

We have created a field of 68 (4 play-ins) with some of the best actresses/reporters on network television.  We also gave each division a name from popular places on the internet to see pictures and videos of these actresses.  (Please note no one gave me permission to name the brackets but I don’t really care because I’m not making any money off it.) These four divisions have then been populated and seeded by subjective analysis taking into account past success, current success, attractiveness, star power, time slot and how much their respective stations pimp their shows.  We then built the bracket accordingly, attempting to pair the most intriguing match ups.  We feel like we actually did a pretty good job (there will probably be a lot of 12 and 13 seed upsets).

Here’s how it will work.  Below is a link for an Excel Spreadsheet.  All you have to do is download it, and fill out the first sheet labeled ISNW NTV ACTRESS BRACKET 2012.  You select each winner by picking who you think it would be in the next round.  Also, for the tie breaker, please guess the name of the lead character in my favorite spaghetti western.  Just kidding, put your real guess to the score of the NCAA National Championship game. Then, save and email that file to  Please write BRACKET in the subject heading.


Then, later this week, after people get their brackets submitted, I’ll post first round polls with each match up, and it will be your job to go and vote for each head-to-head match.  Obviously, the more people who vote the better, so even if you don’t submit a bracket, you can still vote on your favorite actress. Winners will move on to the next round, and so forth.

We will do this each round until a winner is crowned.  Once we have our winner, we will go back to the bracket you submitted, and find out who our reader winner is.  Then, that person will get some sort of a prize (hopefully a good one!).

Good luck everyone!  This should be fun and objectifying!

isnotawastelandTVBRACKET <——— Click to download


*****Please alert us to any bugs by either finding us on Facebook and sending a message or emailing

~ by maxaverage on March 13, 2012.

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