Round Three of the Network TV Actress Bracket – Sweet 16


We've whittled it down to a field of sixteen.

What a first two rounds!  We finally saw our first #1 seed get knocked of when Meghan Ory came from behind to eliminate Poppy Montgomery.  We still have a #12, #13, and #14 seed alive, and my guess is at least two of those will advance to the Elite 8.  Remember, every actress was seeded based on a subjective analysis of talent, ability, upside, current show success, how hard their network pushes their show, how viral they are on the internet (This is why Alison Brie was a one seed and why Kat Dennings was seeded higher than she probably should have been), looks, tabloid exposure and career success.

Remember, you can vote once, but anyone can vote, so share with your friends and have them put their say in who wins the first ever isnotawasteland Network TV Actress Tournament.

These match ups will be up for voting until Thursday at 5 PM.

Round Three Game One

#8 Meghan Ory vs. #13 Sofia Vergara
Ory won a close first round match up against Shannon Woodrow, and then pulled out an improbable upset over #1 seed Poppy Montgomery. Vergara easily handled a #4 and #5 seed to make it to the Sweet 16.

Round Three Game Two

#2 Courtney Cox vs. #11 Cobie Smoulders
Cox owned her first round game but met a tough foe in round two against Jenna Fischer. Smoulders took our #6 seeded Lea Michele quite handily, but had her troubles with #3 Busy Phillips.

Round Three Game Three

#1 Stana Katic vs. #5 Zooey Deschanel
Both actresses will face their stiffest competition in this round, as both have had easy path to this Sweet 16 game.

Round Three Game Four

#2 Lauren Graham vs. #14 Claudia Bassols
Stunning a #3 and a #6 seed, Bassols has charged into the Sweet 16 and looks to give Graham a tough fight. If they base it on acting chops, though, Graham should win.

Round Three Game Five

#1 Overall Olivia Wilde vs. #12 Elisha Cuthbert
Wilde has pounded her competition to this point, easily handling the whiny Pompeo and the cute but unknown Levy. Cuthbert survived the closest first round match against #5 Kaley Cuoco but she smoked #13 Bianca Kajlich. Can she pull out the biggest upset ever?

Round Three Game Six

#2 Heather Morris vs. #3 Dianna Agron
A battle of the Glee stars, this match up can go either way? Will it be the ditzy bombshell who has proven she has serious acting skills, or the sultry cheerleader-turned-movie star?

Round Three Game Seven

#1 Alison Brie vs. #5 Savannah Guthrie
Both talents had tough second round games, with Brie eeking out a win over the very talented Judy Greer and Guthrie beating out the Desperate Housewife star and #4 seeded Teri Hatcher. In the battle of NBC starlets, who will rise to the Elite 8?

Round Three Game Eight

#2 April Bowlby vs. #14 Emily Deschanel
Can Deschanel beat the actress who eliminated her Bones costar and continue on a collision course with her sister in the finals, or will April Bowlby live up to her #2 seed and move on to the Elite 8?

Here is a breakdown of who is left, and who has left the Bracket:

The remaining CBS actresses in the INWL NTVA Bracket

The remaining FOX actresses in the INWL NTVA Bracket

The remaining ABC actresses in the INWL NTVA Bracket

The remaining NBC actresses in the INWL NTVA Bracket

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