A Couple Thoughts On Tebow


My phone's auto correct changed his name to TIM Renown. I like that way better.


I’ll keep this short.  I don’t hate Tebow.  I think he is a great human, and a dynamic football player with many different skill sets but none that he completely excels at.  I understand he is probably headed to the Jets, and I think that is a mistake.  Rex Ryan is notorious for neutering his QBs.  If someone as talented as Sanchez can’t appease him, how the hell will Tebow keep him happy.

I have to admit, I forgot earlier that Josh McDaniels is back in New England.  If he had more power I think he might have gone after Tebow and tried to incorporate him into their scheme.  Wouldn’t he make a great wing back for the weird and old school Patriot offense?

The team I think was the most prepared to take him on as a project is Philadelphia.  They have a team built for ultimate speed.  Vick has proven to be no better than Tebow.  Also, Vick is no where near the horse that Tebow is when it comes to taking punishment.  The Eagles could have inserted Tim into their sets and used super fast screens and quick outs to free up the deep pass that Tebow has proven he can hit when given time and space.

I hope that the Jets find a way to incorporate him.  He’s too good of a leader and has too many intangibles to sit the bench, but if they throw him to the fire he isn’t ready for the Rex Ryan mind meld.

I guess if his trip to New York doesn’t pan out, Tebow can always move to NOLA and coach.  I hear they have a vacancy.

~ by maxaverage on March 21, 2012.

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