isnotawasteland NTV Actress Elite Eight


We've whittled it down to a field of eight.


We are down to the final eight in our isnotawasteland Network TV Actress Bracket.  Four match ups to vote on this round.  From strictly a seed perspective, we have some interesting match ups, with both a #13 and a #14 making it to the Elite Eight.  Voting for this round will be open until Wednesday at 5 PM, so you have a few days to tell your friends and have them give their two cents.  Remember, we based the seeding on a subjective analysis of the actress’s career, success, looks, how much the network pushes their show, how many other big name actresses are on the show, their movie career, internet stardom and tabloid exposure.  Not the most scientific of methods, but it’s appeared to be fairly accurate to this point.

Vote below.  You get one vote so make it count.  (Unless you have multiple computers.  Then you can vote a couple times.)


Round Four Game One

#13 Sophia Vergara vs. #11 Cobie Smulders. Both actresses have posted impressive wins on their way to the Elite 8. Who will move on to the Final Four?


Round Four Game Two

#5 Zooey Deschanel vs. #2 Lauren Graham. Zooey seems to be on a collision course with her sister in the finals, if things keep up, but Lauren Graham has survived two very close match ups to make it to the Elite Eight. Will her luck continue? Or will the younger Deschanel advance?

Round Four Game Three

#1 Olivia Wilde vs. #3 Dianna Agron. Overall Number One Olivia Wilde has had an easy road to the Elite Eight, but meets her toughest match up yet in the form of Dianna Agron. Agron had an early round scare but has since cruised.

Round Four Game Four

#1 Alison Brie vs. #14 Emily Deschanel. Emily Deschanel is the lowest seed still alive, but she has had impressive wins on her way to the Elite Eight, knocking off #2 April Bowlby last round. Alison Brie has had a couple of close calls but is still proving why she is a #1. Will it be the cute Community star or one step closer to a sisters match up in the finals when the dust settles between these two fanboy darlings?


Here’s who has been knocked out so far:

ABC Actresses knocked out of the running.

CBS actresses knocked out so far.

Fox actresses knocked out so far.

NBC actresses knocked out so far


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