INWL Network TV Actress Bracket Final Four


It's the final four ladies in the Network TV Actress Bracket.

It’s the final four.  Two dorky sisters, an overacting Latino with giant boobs and a former princess are now doing battle for a coveted spot in the championship match up.

Remember, we used a subjective criteria to seed the actresses based on not only looks, but network push, online presence, tabloid exposure and past success.

You will have until Friday night at 5 PM to vote, so get to crackin’!

For this round, I tried to find pictures where they weren’t at their best to force you to consider skill rather than how much you want to roll in the hay with them.  Good luck bracket players, good luck ladies, and have fun everyone who is voting.  Our championship will take place from Saturday – Sunday and we will post the winner on Monday.

Round Five Game One

Low seeds do battle for a chance at the top spot as #5 Zooey Deschanel, the 'adorkable' (I hate that word) star of The New Girl does battle against overacting latino star #13 Sofia Vergara.

Round Five Game Two

#1 Overall Olivia Wilde steps up to the plate against a #14 seed Emily Deschanel who seems bent on meeting her sister in the championship game. Will Emily break nearly everyone's bracket and knock out the last #1 seed?

Here’s who has made an exit so far:

~ by maxaverage on March 29, 2012.

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