What? A Real Article? Sort of.


Slam Dunks, child defenestration and not being so plump. Three things I love.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an actual article, as I’ve tried to keep the INWL Network TV Actress battle at the forefront.  But there have been several small things that need mentioning, so let’s get right to it.

Game Of Thrones:  Well, this is back on the air now.  I have yet to see a single episode because I don’t have cable.  But, I read the first book of the series (Game of Thrones) and today I picked up the next three books in the series.  My goal is to read all the books (that are out now) and then go back and watch the series.  I read all the time, so it’s no new trick to me, but if you don’t read much or have been looking for an excuse to read, I highly recommend these novels.  I know it’s like swords and stuff, and some call it fantasy, but it’s a great story, and I find it to be less fantastic, in the sense of a genre of writing, than just a fantastic story.

Basketball:  NCAA basketball is winding down and this weekend had two pretty good games, neither of which I cared about because my bracket imploded when I picked North Carolina and my Hawkeyes got beat in the second round of the NIT.  There was a great article by Chuck Klosterman over on grantland.com about why Kentucky winning could be bad for basketball, but I disagree.  I think he’s wrong because if Kentucky wins it won’t be because he hired a bunch of killers who are gone after this year.  Well, it will be, but that is less of a factor than the fact that Kentucky plays NBA level defense.  So it’s great for basketball because it shows that even flashy young kids who are gone in a year can buy into a system, and play lock down defense, and defense wins championships.

Being Plump:  No doubt I’ve been plump for years, and it has been documented on here occasionally how I am trying to right the ship.  I’ve successfully maintained my better eating habits now since early January.  I still have salad multiple times a week, and I have mostly been having Cheerios and a banana for breakfast (about 5 times a week).  Most of the cookery that takes place now is lighter foods with less fat and calories.  I’ve tried cutting back, sometimes to better success than others in my portions.  Finally, I’ve pretty much boycotted pop at this point.  There are days I’ll have one.  Last week one day I had three.  But then I went four days without one.  The girlfriend and I also started taking advantage of this early spring weather about ten days ago.  We’ve walked about a mile and a half each day, sometimes doing that twice, and I’ve gone for four runs.  On the last run, I ran a mile and a half without stopping.  That’s bush league considering I used to run 9-10 miles for cross country and soccer in high school and college respectively, but for a fatty fatty 2×4 it’s pretty good.  I weighed myself today and no surprise to me, I weighed exactly the same as I did three months ago.  However, I feel better, I have more energy during the day, I sleep better at night, and all around it’s been good.  I expect with daily exercise to start seeing some improvement with the weight, but I was thinking today, the only extra I carry is in the bay window stomach I carved with a knife and fork, so if my legs and arms are getting stronger already from gradual work, then it shouldn’t be much surprise that I’ve kept the same weight.  My goal is only to lose about 30 pounds, and get down around 200.

Being Plump Part Two: We are trying this new stuff called Herbalife, too, which I am by no means sold on.  We bought a couple of the powder shake mixes and the tea that supposedly raises your metabolism and causes you to burn 300 calories just by drinking it.  So we tried the shakes today, and meh.  It was kind of grainy.  But the part I was kind of bummed to see was that two of the top three ingredients are sweeteners.  I need to do a little more research, but it seems to me like it’s just protein pop.  The meth tea is good, though.  If that works, they can corner the market!  We’ll all be eating the profits *twists mustache, adjusts monocle*.

Fake Movies: E, who helped with the Spread ‘Em picks last fall, was texting me some movie ideas, and I returned the favor.  I came up with Zoot Suit Peaceful Demonstration, a documentary about the 1920’s in Quaker Pennsylvania.  Then I also offered up the next great gonzo porn movies titled Colon, Semi Colon.  You can probably figure out your own plot. Eric nearly killed me with his One Fish Two Fish, One Fish Flush Fish.  Hopefully we can throw down a podcast sometime soon and talk about all of our favorite fake movie ideas.

INWL NTV Actress Bracket:  Did you vote yet?  It’s right under this article.  Go click on your favorite actress and see who wins.

This will be a scant week with the posts from me as I’ll be pretty busy, but look for the championship info this week in the Actress Challenge, and update on the college basketball bracket we did, and hopefully a couple baseball previews Greg has been working up.



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