Mock Draft – Round 2 and 3


After way too many words for Round 1 I’m back for Round 2 and 3 (airing Friday night).  I want to start out with the fact that any QB worth his salt should be able to trade the first pick of a round after a night of drinks (Round 2 and 4 at this point in time in the NFL).  It only makes sense that you’re getting hundreds of offers and they’re almost all better than whoever you have to take your choice of.  The same thing can probably be said for whoever picks second and third those rounds, as offers are probably queued up if the other GMs aren’t taking the bait.  With that said we’ll be starting out with a trade.

Round 2

(33) St. Louis Rams trade to Miami Dolphins – Stephen Hill, WR – Georgia Tech

With the Fins creaming to get Tannehill you’d think that meant they have weapons to use.  Think again.  The real reason they couldn’t get Manning or Flynn to show up wasn’t because of the perks, it was because there is nobody there.  There is a somewhat revitalized Reggie Bush and a parade of hopeful RBs, but no targets to speak. Bess/Fasano/Naanee of are the closest things to reliable and none have the talent to be a #1.  Stephen Hill is rested from his days in GT’s Triple Option, it’s his size and speed that make him a Randy Moss style threat and might actually help lead Tannehill to some success.

(34) Indianapolis Colts trade to San Francisco 49ers – Kendall Wright, WR – Baylor

I’m not so sure the 49ers don’t pick Hill in the first round to get the WR target they really want, but if he’s gone I see them jumping to make sure they don’t fall down the WR ladder.  Moss is only there on a one year deal and we’re not sure what’s left in the tank.  The 49ers are ready to win now, but they need to make sure they don’t go all in since they do have a nice spread of age in talent.  I personally think RG3 made Wright and don’t have faith in his success, but the Colts will shop the pick and the 49ers will be pushing to get WRs.

(35) Minnesota Vikings – Jerel Worthy, DT – Michigan State

I watched Worthy more than a few times the last couple of years and honestly it’s hard to gauge him if you’re not looking for the little things.  I see why predictions go from the first round to late second round.  He doesn’t strike fear in an OL because you double team him and you’re done, well that works in college when you don’t have threats at the end positions like MSU lacked.  In the NFL he’ll still command a double team, but that will free up pass rushers and he’ll be a good replacement for the Williams sisters.

(36) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Shea McClellin, OLB – Boise State

The experts seem to be jumbled a bit with this kid, he’s ranked high but nobody really has him getting picked high.  I hadn’t heard of him until I started researching for the draft personally, but the stats, the reviews, and his physicality tell me he’s an asset.  By now teams are doing the heavy process of weighing best available versus immediate need.  TB seems to need a lot, though, and I think they’ve got the building blocks to have a dominate D, and with the QBs in their division, it’s probably a good thing.  He’ll add to a young D that looks like it could challenge to be top five by next year.

(37) Cleveland Browns – Doug Martin, RB – Boise State

We all know that mocking a draft is like trying to predict the weather, it’s a crap shoot.  But the fun thing here is that you can manage pick to pick for a team.  I’ve already got the Browns going with the familiar combo Blackmon/Weeden and passing on Richardson who was a need.  But, if you’re going to make a push on offense why not do it the Cowboy’s way with a QB/WR/RB combo.  He’s a productive back with a good skill set, he’ll be more reliable than the White Rhino or anyone else they had and at the same time can probably pair up well with Hardesty or whoever else decides to have some success running.

(38) Jacksonville Jaguars – A.J. Jenkins, WR – Illinois

See what I started here? With the trades up to snag Hill and Wright (potential first rounders) teams will start to get a little edgy and might reach to make sure they fill a need.  While Jenkins is a talent and does fill a need, I still think he’s a stretch here and I prefer Randle, but prefer both later in the round.  He’ll be a nice fit; the best thing for him is he’ll actually have a QB for a change, so sky might be the limit here.

(39) St. Louis Rams Baltimore Ravens (via trade) – Kendall Reyes, DT – Connecticut

I personally like when a team knows its own capabilities and strengths.  OL, WR, and DB are the needs for the Ravens going into the draft, however almost everywhere in the defense is getting old, that’s when you take the player you feel is the best to back fill and contribute at the same time.  Players like Ngata don’t come around often, but they also have short shelf lives, Reyes helps plan for the future but also allows for some depth at DT and probably a little DE when needed too.

(40) Carolina Panthers – Rueben Randle, WR – LSU

Steve Smith re-emerged last year with Cam Newton becoming a true star.  Yes, there are more needs, but Newton’s style means he needs more than just the nimble Smith.  Give him a big target to come down with the ball to help stretch the field, too.  I’m starting to like this offense and this team – they are getting a lot of big athletes.

(41) Buffalo Bills – Amini Silatolu, OL – Midwestern State

If I was the Bills GM, I would just take an OL with every pick this draft, it’s not the only need but it’s their biggest need.  I also like taking a bit of an unproven guy here and letting that chip on his shoulder grow, especially in practice against Mario Williams.

(42)Miami Dolphins St. Louis Rams (via trade) – Kevin Zeitler, OL – Wisconsin

Another team with needs on the OL, they did a good job jumping on the all-pro from Green Bay in the offseason.  Here’s where you add some talent to that line and start making holes for Richardson and keeping Bradford healthy.  Last year the Lions were all about if Stafford could stay healthy, he did and he threw for 5000+ yards (4999 to Megatron, I think), with Bradford’s continued injury issues I expect to hear the same.  That’s why you invest in protection, not weapons.  The right wing (I’m part of the correct wing) would tell you that weapons are protection, but I’m talking football today, not politics.

(43) Seattle Seahawks – Bobby Massie, OL – Mississippi

Remember when the Seahawks were good just a few years back?  They were even in the Super Bowl, and to some got jobbed by the refs.  Well, age and attrition hit this team pretty hard. When they were good the run game with Alexander was carried on the back of Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson (both HOF discussion material players).  I’ve always been a big proponent of just getting a ton of pieces for the OL and it will work itself out.  Here Seattle’s adding to the pieces they’ve got with a big OL from an SEC school, where they still know how to run the football. Marshawn Lynch, besides the big contract, here’s another present for you.

(44) Kansas City Chiefs – Vinny Curry, DE/LB – Marshall

I haven’t talked about the great mind of new Chief HC Romeo “Where for art though” Crennel.  He’s been a great DC for years, even turning around the KC D these past couple years when his NE ties got him the job.  He was a horrible coach in Cleveland his first time around, his emotions and leadership don’t seem to flow well from that position, he just doesn’t inspire me.  I do have faith in his ability to build a defense and a talent like Vinny Curry can either be a plug and play now or transition as talent relocates in the future.

(45) Dallas Cowboys – Casey Hayward, DB – Vanderbilt

Dallas needs to continue to strengthen its secondary.  Every team in the NFC East is about to have a possible league leading QB, so they should all being going after talent and depth here.  With Hayward, they add a big hitter with quick instincts and someone who will be playing day one this season.

(46) Philadelphia Eagles – Lavonte David, LB – Nebraska

I think Lavonte David gave teams more trouble than any other Nebraska player this past year.  I remember him being a pain in Iowa’s side last November.  He’s got the talent of a first round guy, but I hear most experts talking about “character” issues that might push him down.  Philly has become the new haven for the lost souls of the NFL, they accepted Vick back to the league and now anyone ready to rebuild themselves is welcome.

(47) New York Jets – Harrison Smith, S – Notre Dame

Grading out safeties this year tells us there are really 3 that are sought after: Barron, Smith, and Brandon Taylor.  There are 3 contenders that NEED safety help: Dallas, New England and the New York J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets.  With that said, these teams might be players for these guys earlier, but if they start falling to them they’ll take them when they’re worth it (like late first to second round for Smith/Taylor).  Note:  Jets did sign the Hulk impersonator Landry this offseason, but neither him nor Leonard have been reliably healthy in their careers.

(48) New England Patriots – Brandon Taylor, S – LSU

This is always an easy/tricky place to be.  One of your biggest needs top tier player group just shrunk to one.  It’s your time to pick, but the individual player is farther down on your overall board.  Do you take the top talent that fits your needs given the gap between remaining talent or do you take overall top talent?  NE style is take the top talent, but BB is getting older and I’d be shocked if he doesn’t try to reach for Barron, if he doesn’t, it is a sure bet that he wants to get one of these three safeties no matter what.

(49) San Diego Chargers – Jeff Allen, OT, – Illinois

There are still some good OL on the board; we’ve just gotten down a tier or two.  I like when teams take for need and believe in a kid that he can step in right away or that they just want the depth.  Allen can do a little of both depending on how the needs look in training camp, I also like the talent he’s gone up against these past years;  he’s prepared for some big guys.

(50) Chicago Bears – Kelechi Osemele, OL – Iowa State

This guy has handled his spot on the line for some time and done his best to keep QBs upright and RBs moving forward.  The program is moving forward and their coaching is setting their players up for success again, this is a take notice moment for their program and a good fit for the Bears to keep their QB upright too.

(51)Philadelphia Eagles – Dwayne Allen, TE – Clemson

For the most part, we should have a good idea of all the players who should have first-year impact, and this is where the first three rounds of players will be taken.  That’s kind of the joy of the draft and why we have so much discussion leading up to it about who will go where.  Allen is in that mold of TE that is becoming all the rage in the NFL, so you know he’s going early; it’s really just how early and for his sake where there is a good matchup.  While Vick is probably better off getting more protection I think having an athletic TE will be too much to pass up on giving that tool to Vick for the Eagles.

(52) Tennessee Titans – Brian Quick, WR – Applachian St.

It’s important to note, at this point in the draft we’ve got three Football Championship Division (aka Div 2) players off the board; this matches the Big East and surpasses lesser Football Bowl Divisions conferences (Sun Belt, Mountain West, C-USA, etc.).  Off that point and onto Quick, he’s a big boy and although there are other needs, it gives that second weapon that was sorely missed last year when Britt was down.  Look for him to play with a chip on his shoulder, i.e. Randy Moss coming from Marshall.

(53) Cincinnati Bengals – David Wilson, RB – Virginia Tech

RB is a crap shoot anymore. I really wish there was more information out there that told us what would make a good RB, especially since you’ve got the undrafted (Arian Foster), later rounds (DeMarco Murray), and first rounders (Adrian Peterson) all being able to perform.  Wilson had two very productive years at VT and one injury-plagued one.  My concern is the team and offense have produced 1000+ yard rusher in all three of those years, so was it the team or is it Wilson?  It’s still a big need for the Bengals, and the talent pool starts to drop after Wilson, so it’s the right time to “gamble.”

(54) Detroit Lions – Derek Wolfe, DL – Cincinnati

Franchise tag on Alvis, and Fairly only played a third of the year – we’re 50 players deep in the draft, so you start taking the top guy on your board regardless at times.  This is one of those times.

(55) Atlanta Falcons – Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB – West Virginia

The Falcons first pick of the draft and I’ve got them focusing on backfilling slash situational playing.  They’ve got one of the best CB combos in Robinson and Grimes, but John Abraham is getting old, and I believe they’re still haggling with their LB corp.  Bring in some youth and depth and start taking that foot forward again.

(56)Pittsburgh Steelers – Devon Still, DT – Penn State

Still is nasty and has one of the biggest chips on his shoulder coming into the league and it just keeps getting bigger.  He feels he was passed over for several awards and now falling this far in the draft just adds to his hunger.  On the plus side, he’s used to playing in the area and going to a team who loves to grow their defense.  The negative, there’s typically a reason a guy is sliding and unfortunately for Still there’s nothing out there about “character” so that leans on the talent side.  It’s a good fit regardless, with retirement hitting the DL this and coming years, it needs to be a focus in Pittsburgh.

(57) Denver Broncos – Brock Osweiler, QB – Arizona State

I listen to too much talk radio, ESPN shows, and read too many sports articles.  For some reason or another, the  word I keep hearing is that Denver wants to make sure they start grooming a QB now already to take over for Peyton.  I throw my arms up at this assumption, but I’ll play into it for our mocking reasons now.  Personally I like Foles better, but Osweiler is a name I’ve heard thrown here for his upside

(58) Houston Texans – Mitchell Schwartz, OT – California

Loosing guard Eric Winston hurts and while they have been able to run the ball well these past two years, Schaub has been susceptible to big hits.  Schwartz will get to step in and help beef the line back up this year and hopefully delay the need for the QB for a while.

(59) Green Bay Packers – Trumaine Johnson, DB – Montana

Charles Woodson is getting older and if it’s not this year he slides to S, its next.  Johnson can get time now as a slot or #2 CB and beef up a secondary which normally has to protect a lead from a team that has to throw to catch up.  Stafford and Cutler are two more good reasons to add secondary help.

(60)Baltimore Ravens – Josh Robinson, DB – Central Florida

Jimmy Smith was a great pick up last year but the time is now to continue to beef up the secondary, with Ed Reed considering retirement yearly now.

(61) San Francisco 49ers Indianapolis Colts – Alshon Jeffery, WR – South Carolina

Another name that you’d think would be gone before now, if he’s around the Colts will need targets for Luck, with Austin Collie and an aging Reggie Wayne left on the roster.  A lot of good talk has been made over Jeffery.  In the end, he should turn out to be productive, and having Wayne as a mentor won’t hurt.

(62)New England Patriots –  LaMichael James, RB – Oregon

Steven Ridley and Shane Vareen were two second round RB picks last year.  The difference in those two and James?  We’ve heard of James prior to the draft.  Similar mold to Danny Woodhead, but a lot more talent and speed, he gives some credibility to the ground game in NE too.

(63) New York Giants – Zach Brown, LB – North Carolina

New York does a great job breading OL, WR, DL, and LB.  You can’t blame them when they take advantage of drafting a talent in one of these areas when he’s the top guy on the board, even if they have holes to fill elsewhere.  They struck gold with Pierre-Paul this way two years ago and I’ve liked Brown and his speed for a few years at UNC.

Let’s take a break in between rounds.  I’m starting to give Bill Simmons more credit for ripping off his 5,000+ word articles fairly consistently for all those years as we’re around the 3,000 mark and I’m running out of steam and starting to forget some of the logic I’ve built into my picks.  I actually had Foles going to the Texans at #57 on the spreadsheet I created to track my picks. I had to do some shuffling as TJ Yates was too good last year to use a second rounder on a QB this year.

For my sake and yours we’re going to speed the rest of this up with namely the pick, team, player, position, and college.  If it’s a player I love I won’t be able to resist to talk about them (Cousins, Foles, Crick, etc.) but it will be less.

Round 3

(64) Indianapolis Colts – Brandon Thompson, DT  – Clemson

(65) St. Louis Rams – Josh Norman, DB – Coastal Carolina

(66) Minnesota Vikings – Ronnell Lewis, LB – Oklahoma

(67)Cleveland Browns – Cam Johnson, DE – Virginia

(68)Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings – Brandon Boykin, DB – Georgia

We’ve got a trade, Redskins trading their pick to the Bengals (swapping 3rds and throwing in a 5th and a 7th)

(69)Cincinnati Bengals (via trade) – Jared Crick, DE – Nebraska

(70) Jacksonville Jaguars – Dwight Bently, DB – Louisiana-Lafayette

(71) Buffalo Bills – Kirk Cousins, QB – MSU

Skill set and amount of time put in makes him ready to play today.  Brian Hoyer, his previous mentor, has been one of the most talked about backups this past year.  Cousins will fall right in stride.  If Fitzpatrick stumbles like he did in the second half of last year they’ll already have someone on the roster now to challenge him.

(72) Miami Dolphins St. Louis Rams – Terrell Manning, OLB – NC State

(73) Miami Dolphins – Brandon Brooks, OL – Miami (Ohio)

I have to say I’m disappointed not to see the Dolphins picking back to back here.

(74) Kansas City Chiefs – Nick Foles, QB – Arizona

As an Iowa fan I don’t like the pick since Stanzi was drafted as a 5th rounder last year and overlooked for a time for Palko.  Right now I don’t think this team knows what its QB situation is and Foles seems to fall into their lap.  Why do I like Foles so much?  It’s not his blonde locks, but I did watch an accuracy drill one time with him and the rest of the Pac-12 all-star QBs and guess who won?  Wherever he ends up, he’ll challenge to start in the next two years.

(75) Seattle Seahawks – Almeda Ta’amu, DT – Washington

(76) Houston Texans – Mychal Kendricks, LB – California

(77)New York Jets – Sean Spence, LB – Miami

(78) San Diego Chargers – Ron Brooks, DB – LSU

(79)Chicago Bears – Michael Egnew, TE – Missouri

Everyone is looking for the next surprise TE and wants someone with size, speed, and athleticism.  Not sure why Egnew isn’t being targeted as that guy yet, but TE need is there and I think he could shine.

(80) Arizona Cardinals – Zerbie Sanders, OL – Florida State

Trade alert – Cleveland dumps Colt McCoy and a 4th round pick to take Dallas’s pick here

(81) Cleveland Browns (via trade) – Vontaze Burfict, LB – Arizona State

Fear is he doesn’t have the work ethic, but I think that’ll give him the chip he needs to succeed and someone will come back up to get him when they see him falling.  For a while this past season he was a top 15 pick.

(82) Tennessee Titans – Bobby Wagner, LB – Utah State

(83)Cincinnati Bengals Washington Redskins – Joe Adams, WR – Arkansas

(84) Atlanta Falcons – Oliver Vernon, DE – Miami

(85) Detroit Lions – Lamar Miller, RB – Miami

(86) Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Martin, DT – Michigan

(87)Denver Broncos – Alnfonzo Dennard, DB – Nebraska

(88) Philadelphia Eagles – David Molk, C – Michigan

The Big Ten is what I pay the most attention to because of my locale and fandom.  Martin and Molk are big, big boys and think they can shove guys around on either side.  Dennard shut down Marvin McNutt and was a tough matchup every week for the top WR in the Big Ten.  All three of these guys are names coming out of the Big Ten that I believe will produce.

(89) New Orleans Saints – Tony Bergstrom, OL – Utah

New Orleans first pick and it’s not a splash, but you really can’t splash when your first pick is in the 3rd round.  They aren’t the last team to get their first pick in yet, that’s still coming.

(90) Green Bay Packers – Tyrone Crawford, DE – Boise State

(91) Baltimore Ravens – Philip Blake, OL – Baylor

(92) San Francisco 49ers – Orson Charles, TE – Georgia

(93) New England Patriots – Mike Daniels, DT – Iowa

(94) New York Giants – T.Y. Hilton, WR Florida International

(95) Oakland Raiders – Isiah Pead, RB – Cincinnati

The last pick of the third round is the first pick for the Raiders in the draft, ouch.  They lost Bush, and although they still have a potential star in Taiwan Jones, nobody believes McFadden will be healthy every year.  They will need the depth and Pead can step in where Bush left off.

Accomplished the third round in under 1,000 words, that’s the way to half-ass it I guess.  Now it’s time to go put together rounds 4-7.
Toner out.


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