Oh yeah, this.


This is after rinsing it three times.

This is after rinsing it the first time.

This was when I ran the water the first time.

I wrote about our trip to the Comedy of Errors Inn a week or so ago, but I finally got time to post the pics of the green hot tub.  Just look at this horse shit above.  In case you forgot, this was the hot tub in the honeymoon suite that was dyed green by the groomsman of a wedding the week before we got there, and the cleaning staff neglected to clean the jets of the tub, resulting in anger.

Many jokes were made that night, and before I actually knew what happened, I made a joke to the maintenance man that it looked like a leprechaun pissed in it.  Too bad he didn’t leave a pot of gold.

Have you ever gone to a hotel and had a gift left in your room from a previous guest?  Ever found a dead hooker in the box spring?  An upper-decker in the toilet? How gross is it that they don’t clean the jets?

We did manage to catch this though, proving that even when they let someone steal your pizza and your hot tub has leprechaun juice in it, you can still have a memorable trip.

Walking through the woods on a cloudless day.

~ by maxaverage on April 30, 2012.

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