Here were the highlights from day two at Bonnaroo.

Mary: “For us, today’s schedule is Michael Kiwaunaka, Tune Yards, Avett Brothers, possibly Feist, Rodrigo y Gabriella, and Radiohead.”

Mary: “Observation One – we waiting in line an hour to get in to the concert area. An hour. A little ridiculous. Only saw the last three songs of our first concert because of it. That’s the biggest downfall so far. That and cell reception. It also constantly smells like pot. No matter where you are. Vendors are selling ‘water pipes’ – buy one get one free! Deal of the century for free spirits, huh?

Max: “HA HA HA HA. You can’t ‘not’ buy it for that price!”

Mary: “Actually…typo. Buy one get TWO free!”

Mary: “Avett was probably the best 90 minutes of my life.”

Max: “What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve seen so far today?”

Mary: “Today I saw a girl completely topless with marijuana leaves painted over her nipples.”

Max: “I bet she was sober.”

Mary: “Also, I think I’m the only person at this festival who isn’t completely stoked for Radiohead. I mean i think they’re alright, but I’m not a huge fan. Apparently they are really good live, so maybe I’ll have a ‘come to Jesus’ Radiohead moment.

Eidtor’s note: That’s a brief recap of yesterday at Bonnaroo. Waiting to hear from Mary today about how Radiohead turned out. Remember to check back for an update each day, and keep an eye for Mary’s recap of the entire festival when she gets home.

~ by maxaverage on June 9, 2012.

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