Who Will Replace The Irreplaceable* Ann Curry?


Who will be the People’s Choice for Ann Curry’s replacement?

I sure wish they would roll out a tourney and let America decide who will replace tract at NBC, the awkward yet amusing Ann Curry as she respectfully declines to continue her job as Lead Broad on the Today Show.  But man, oh man.  I want a tourney, so let’s have one!  Select from the poll below, and check out the pictures that go along with.  Especially SAVANNAH GUTHRIE NAKED and SAVANNAH GUTHRIE HOT.  Sorry, This blog needs viewers, too.  (I don’t really have naked pictures, only her husband and one ex boyfriend whom she pays off on a monthly basis have those high demand photos.****)

It appears as of this morning that Savannah Guthrie will be offered or has been offered the spot.  Personally, I would pick her for ease of transition, but if I could pick anyone I would pay to break Erin Burnett’s CNN contract and have her come to host.  She is funny and genuinely smart, can carry on a conversation with anyone and already has experience at NBC.  Some of the women listed in the poll are obviously not going to do it, but I’m curious what the public thinks.  Who would you love to see on the Today Show?  Who would you hate?  I saw someone say that Nancy Grace should get the job!  I bet Matt and Al would love that.  Pick your poison, give your thoughts in the comments.

* She is totally replaceable.

**** – This is a lie I made up.

~ by maxaverage on June 28, 2012.

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