Just Some Thoughts


Apparently this is the new face of fat.

Booooo.  I haven’t written in forever.  I have like ten articles started but none of them panned out the way I wanted so today, just to give you guys some things to digest, I’ll post some stuff I’ve been meaning to write about, but haven’t.

Westboro Baptist Church is the worst!  I’m sure Sly has done his fair share of dumb things, but I get boiling mad when I think about these asshole rednecks protesting funerals.  I wish a bunch of people would make signs with says like “This Guys Sucks Dick For Money” and “This piece of shit thought Crystal Pepsi was great” with arrows pointing toward the appropriate asshole.  Also, did I just create a new word?  Yes.  The short hand word for sayings is now says.

I hate your kids, and I hate you.  Read this here.  Are people that presumptuous?
Fuuuuuuck this retard: Skinny Gurl.  I’m sure that a lot of America’s fascination with Kate Upton has to do with her enormous tits, but seriously, by all accounts she seems to be a normal person.  Then you have complete fucking retards like Skinny Gurl perpetuating bullshit all over town.  Apparently there is even more to it than her site, and you can find out more if you go read a few articles by someone who has more time on their hands at Hello Giggles.

I’m so excited for The Dark Knight Rises that I can hardly contain myself, and yet here I am, making plans that will not allow me to see it until a full week after it hits theaters.  I will be posting my review, however, and I just watched Batman Begins last night, and will try to sneak in some Dark Knight between seeing the new one, and I’ll give my thoughts on all three.  I’m sure it will be windy and gushy.

I’ve watched a ton of movies lately and need to do some Not New Movie Reviews.

I started watching Amazon Prime shows on my PS3.  That’s a cool way to save money on cable.  Thanks to Phil for the tip.  Too bad they don’t have anything that good, but I’ve been pounding old episodes of Mythbusters.
Once we hit August I’ll try to be more regular posting.  It would help a lot if something wanted to pay me to write and do pools and brackets all the time.  That would be great.


~ by maxaverage on July 17, 2012.

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