Spread ‘Em: Week 4


Did better this week. But worse, too. Ah well. There’s always the rest of my life to win back all my money!

Went down to KC this week and watch Royals-White Sox.  They split the two games we watched.  Had premium seats right behind home plate for both games, including Bruce Chen’s gem last night where he and three other dudes shut them out.  We counted eight pop outs to the infield.  We saw a live band later that night called Love Pump.  Chen’s curve ball is insane.

I did play some poker Tuesday night at Harrah’s North KC.  Strung $80 over three hours.  Lost with three 4s and a ten kicker.  If I would have quit while I was ahead I would have walked out with $145.  As for football, so far I’m 15-13 against the spread, 15-12 picking the Over/Under and 22-7 picking winners.  I’m in the black, at least.

Here’s last week’s results:

Getting closer on some scores. Nailed Alabama.

Here’s this week’s picks.  See the notes on the right hand side.

Happy Gambling!

As always, happy gambling!



~ by maxaverage on September 20, 2012.

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