Spread ‘Em: Week 5


Good and bad, all around!

I’m putting them out a few days earlier this week because my boy Eric is getting hitched.  Before we look at this week, here’s my results from week four:

Much better against spread, much worse picking O/U.

I did much better against the spread this week, going 6-3.  Granted, we didn’t have the Nebraska spread at press time, but I would have taken the over for sure.  Also, in a fit of stupidity I said: “Take points with FSU covering late.”  Not sure what that was supposed to mean, so that’s an automatic loss, even though you should have taken the points.  Big surprises were Oregon State pulling off the upset and BSU BYU’s baseball score.  Kansas State maybe had the biggest implications, but it shouldn’t have been considered a big surprise – they have a great team.  Also, screwed by Iowa again.

This week’s picks are tricky.  I’ll post them, then write a little about it below. As always, click the pick to see it bigger.

*listens to Kenny Rogers, hoping I don’t have to fold ’em soon*

So far for the year I am 21-16 against the spread (WOO HOO!), 19-18 picking over/under (just hanging on) and 28-10 picking winners (WOO HOO!)

I want to say at this point, I don’t see anyone from the Big Ten or the Big Twelve getting a Championship bid this year.  I think they are going to beat up on each other real bad.  I think Alabama is the shoe in, and Oregon out of the west.

Do you realize that next year when they introduce the playoff it will still screw everything up?  You could have a decent shot at a solid Notre Dame team running the table, Florida State, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, Kansas State, a one-loss Nebraska and potentially an undefeated Georgia.  I am curious how a four team playoff solves the riddle of two teams from the SEC undefeated plus three or four other teams.  I am really excited for the four game playoff because I think it will make it worse, because even more teams will feel left out, but better, because at least whoever wins will have earned it.

Don’t sleep on ISU.  I hate them, but they are legit this year.

Happy gambling!


~ by maxaverage on September 25, 2012.

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